How to Organize Small Things in Your Home?

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Some people enjoy spending the afternoon arranging all the disorganized things in the home. Some would like to do anything realistically but, and understandably – not everyone. And while planning is not always the most enjoyable activity, there are a few house organization tips that will help keep your house neat.

Put Together Similar Things

One of the things that can make a big difference is the way you organize your space. Try to combine the same things and make sure you pull everything out of the section you are working on from wherever it lives in your house.

Label Everything

Start labeling once you have prepared an organizational project for the day. They complete the look of your space and make your system keep reminding you where everything is going.

Keep Things Where You Use Them

If something is used in the living room but kept in the other room, you will not use it often. Try to keep the things in the room they are used or required; this enables less cluttering.  


Arrange the kitchen in a way that expands your countertop and reduces hidden mess in cabinets. A clean and orderly kitchen can make the whole house feel clean and tidy, even if it isn’t.

Start with cabinets, unpack everything, decide how to organize your space correctly, and remove items that should not be stored in the kitchen—store small kitchen appliances that seek only occasional use. Remodel your pantry to work on food storage.

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Combine Toiletries and Bath Tools

Some bathrooms are small, and having few toiletries makes them congested. The shelf, cabinet, and countertop usually run out quickly.

If this is your situation, try sharing a bathroom caddy with everyone in the house, complete with all their makeup, toiletries, and grooming tools, and with their labeled names.


Most importantly, do not focus too much on the details. Your home does not have to be complicated every day. Having a lovely home is essential. Sometimes all your house needs is a good touch-up to look beautiful. In some cases, no matter how hard you try organizing, your house doesn’t seem to light up. In that case, you should consider renovating or moving somewhere else. 

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