Keeping Your Pets Safe Around Houseplants

Published Date : January 10, 2022 Article Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 renting house

When eaten, certain plants can be dangerous to pets, sometimes causing fainting, tremors, or worse. Even well-behaved animals can bite into a house plant. Keeping plants near your pets means understanding your pet’s habits and what plants you need to keep if you have pets.

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If you have a house full of animals, you can choose to buy plants that are safe for animals only. However, pets can still chew those, and it makes sense that you do not want your plants to be destroyed.

One of the reasons pets love to destroy your plants is because they provide everything a toy does. If this is the case with your pet, then it is best to buy them a toy to play with or chew stuff that they can enjoy to take their time.


Move indoor plants from the floor to the top shelf. Some cats, in particular, will see this as a personal challenge, but it can work. Hanging containers may be a good option as well.


Take fallen leaves or stems so that even if you have a plant on the top shelf, you still keep your pet safe.

When feeding plants, use natural alternatives to chemicals. Compost mix is ​​a good option. You should bury anything like eggshells, kelp, shellfish, or fish in the ground. Although these are safer than chemical fertilizers, they can still cause problems if eaten in large quantities or by sensitive animals.

Adding stones will help repel cats from your plants, but this will not do much for your dogs. However, cats will leave your plants alone as they prefer sandy, smooth soil.

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