What to do with your Condo?

Published Date : November 10, 2021 Buying Tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101


Buying a condo is not just a purchase but a capital investment. It can be a considerable expense, but it will give you greater returns. If you are here for the first time and still wondering why you should buy a condo, then you can sign-up at Housal. All your doubts will be made clear. 

If you already own a condo and want to explore more ways to use it, Voilà! You’ve hit the right spot. These are some brilliant ideas that may help you with your crucial question ‘What to do with your Condo?’


  • The obvious choice will be to live in it. Condo comes with ownership, providing you the luxurious life you’ve always wanted. It offers you freedom from doing all the maintenance work. The homeowners share significant expenses, which makes it very much affordable to you. Savvy decision-makers can contact Housal for information about the Condominium for sale.


  • It’s time to get some small proportions of income out of your investment. Suppose you have more than one house to yourself and want to keep the ownership and the profits incoming—no need to leave your Condo idle. Rent it out and earn with it. Housal can assist you with listing your Condo for rent.


  • Some people are constantly seeking significant opportunities to produce a more extensive amount of profit. You can sell and buy, keeping up good margins for yourself. Housal owns the expertise and can help you get the most profitable deals possible. Check out these Condos for sale.


  • Condos can be used as an ideal home for retirement. It requires less maintenance and comes with a handful of amenities.


  • Connect with Housal and forget all your worries about your Condo. Our team has experience in buying, selling, and renting out properties. We are here to assist you in greater collaboration, thereby providing better value for all related stakeholders and potential clients.


Waiting is the highest interest rate, so why wait? Sign-up now and get your ad online with Housal to list your Condo for rent or Condo for Sale.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Home-buyers

Published Date : Buying Property Buying Tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101

When you are in the marketplace to buy your first home, you are overwhelmed by emotions, questions, and perhaps even worries. After all, you have undoubtedly been advised that purchasing a home is one of the biggest things you can do. Of course, you do not want to make a mistake, so any questions you may have or concerns you may feel are out of place. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions from first-time buyers:


  1. Am I ready to have a home?

Many people rush to buy housing when they are not strong enough to support borrowing and risk recovery.

Ask yourself if you are mentally and financially fit to take on the responsibilities of owning a home, including:

  • Finding out whether to take out a loan or not / how much you can take out
  • Are you eligible for a loan according to your credit rating?

You can test your score using online calculators.


  1. How Much Can I Pay?

This is one of the initial questions you should ask yourself when buying a house for the first time. To determine your home budget, first look at your budget, including your income, monthly expenses, and bills. To decide on your current monthly costs, review your spending habits and include your monthly expenses such as your phone bill, food, transportation, utilities, and dependent care. It is important to include insurance premiums when budgeting to buy a house for the first time.

Remember, owning a home often brings additional costs – both expected and unexpected.


  1. How much time will it take to buy a house?

It can take longer than you think. This question can’t have an easy answer because every home sale is different. Once you have finally found the home you want to buy and your application has been accepted, it can usually take 35 – 45 days to close the loan. Therefore, if it takes four months to find the home you like, it will take another two months to close the deal.


  1. Does my credit score affect my purchasing power?

Debt by number summarizes the individual’s credit history and summarizes their financial position to lenders. Mortgage lenders use points to determine who gets the loan and the interest rate. Higher points mean a better chance of getting a loan with an attractive interest rate.


  1. Should I buy or continue renting?

Ask yourself some questions before deciding to buy a home. One of the most important things you should consider is how long you plan to stay home if you shop. If the response is only a few years old, it may be better to continue renting. Another question you should be asking is whether you are ready to take on the “responsibilities” of being a homemaker. 

Buying a home is a good option in most cases, but not always.


  1. What kind of place should I buy?

Real estate is a growing business as the demand for real estate grows and properties vary according to need. Before buying a property, you should be sure of why you need to invest in it and how it will benefit you. Among the types of variety available in the market, you need to choose what you prefer more. However, you need to compare between multiple properties and choose the one that is right for you.


  1. Where to look for genuine property deals?

With Housal, you can get access to the most significant and fastest network of real estate operations and start having numerous property options to make your selection.  These are some property types that Housal offers :

Connect with Housal now!


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2021 is a good year to sell house. Know why.

Published Date : Financing Industry News News Real Estate 101 Selling tips

By 2021, housing market experts predict a year of high demand and rising domestic prices. Home buying and selling rose sharply after the first slowdown in real estate market activity last spring in line with home and business closure orders. Consumers are still determined to move, but the limited supply of homes in the market contributes to rising home prices. As a result, it is the seller ruling market that benefits homeowners who choose to sell now.

If you are looking for selling opportunities, you have a few options:

  • You can buy your house soon to help with your current needs.
  • You can wait for an epidemic (or how long it takes) to get a clearer picture of the economic future.
  • You can choose to live in your current home.


 Low Housing Rates

Last year, borrowing rates were sunk below what they had been for almost 40 years, and prices will likely remain lower by about 2021. Next, there was a huge increase in consumer demand, and some homeowners would have no difficulty selling their homes in such a market. In fact, many get offers that are more or less the same as their asking price.

These prices are also good news for those who wish to upgrade their homes or take a second loan to buy their next property. Instead of paying more for the mortgage and earning less money on an investment, they will save and make money over time.


Home Value Rise

As interest rates fall, housing prices continue to rise. Last year many experts released an excellent forecast for housing prices for the entire 2021 year. A quick sale will mark spring and summer, followed by autumn and winter decline. Luxury housing, which continued to function well during the epidemic, is likely to lead to a rise in domestic standards until next year.

After 2021, experts predict that prices will drop to regular growth rates. So, if you are in the market to sell, you may not want to wait another year to list your goods.


2021 Real Estate Market

The increase in demand for housing is encouraged by a number of factors. People who work from home as a result of the epidemic, anticipating that they will not return to their offices, seek out larger office space, usually by moving to larger homes. Low mortgage rates have attracted people to buy, whereas the list of homes for sale remains low.

You don’t need to wait for the “good” time to sell your house. If you are thinking of selling your home, then do it. Your house can sell very quickly in the current market quickly at a reasonable price, perhaps above, and you may have received many offers.


With Housal, you can list and boost any real estate property like an Affordable condo for sale, Low rise condo for sale, Studio type Condo for sales, Ready for Occupancy condo for sale, RFO condo for sale, Studio Unit for sale, Townhouse for sale, Apartment for sale, Residential lot for sale.


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Common mistakes people make while buying a house

Published Date : Real Estate 101 Selling tips

Buying a home is a personal matter that you should not take lightly. It should be more than looking for a house with a beautiful façade – you should look beyond to find a house to live in for years. Sometimes, it’s all too easy to make the wrong move between confusing terminology and real estate or close an unwise investment. If you are unsure what to look for in a home, here are some common house hunting mistakes that you should avoid, at least.


Not Getting Mortgage Approval

The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a house you can’t afford! To prevent that, one of the first things you need to do is get mortgage approval. Your mortgage lender will take care of this. And while the bank tends to pre-empt you at a higher rate, you don’t want to overdo it. Be realistic about what you can afford. If you sell a house, you will be a potential buyer because you have been approved before.


Not realizing how much you can afford

 You start to dream about how much better your life would be if you could have all the good things they offer you, such as lovely tree-lined streets, a bathtub, a spacious kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment, etc. However, if you cannot or cannot afford the rent, you are only fooling yourself. Therefore, to avoid temptation, it is best to limit your purchases to real estate. If you look for places outside your price range, you will end up envying something you can’t afford.


You believe you can quickly get a home loan

Consumers can sometimes believe that a person can apply for any loan amount, and the bank can approve the application and issue a loan within days. This is not true. Banks offer you a home loan, depending on your eligibility. Then they evaluate the value of the item you are considering and determine the value of the loan. This will not be more than 90% of its total value.


Underlying hidden costs

The cost of buying a home includes more than just the cost of the property. There are thousands of hidden costs, flowing just underground and waiting to go down. Many small items eventually add to the cost, from agent fees to social security costs, renovation, to home décor. Therefore, before buying a property, it is highly recommended that you check all of these hidden costs and make sure that the purchase and your purchasing power are working correctly.


Missing small details

Houses can easily be made to look perfect. It is important to do a thorough home inspection before considering buying. A basic building, i.e., the foundation of a house, is the most important thing, without which the house will soon collapse. Check its quality before getting used to it.


Ignoring Neighborhood

Don’t just focus on the living space – look around. It is not possible to predict the future of the place you have chosen, of course, but inquiring about or researching its prospects now can help you avoid unpleasant surprises down the road.


Not using the Right Forum

You must choose the right platform to do your property-related searches. With Housal, you can have numerous property options to make your selection.  These are some property types that Housal offers :

Connect with Housal now!


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Your house needs a Smart Redecoration

Published Date : November 9, 2021 Buying Property Buying Tips Community Guide Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 Renting condominium

Beautiful lines said by someone-“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.


Everyone has a dream about how their house should look, and to achieve that, we keep redecorating the place as it is special to us.

A home is a place where you seek everything. It is a place where your family likes to spend time together, a place where you feel very comfortable, a place where you spend the best part of your life.

But, sometimes, you find yourself wishing for something different.

This often happens when your home feels so crowded and full of things, and it becomes hard to imagine it as a place to relax because everything you do is stressful. You have so much paper and stuff to clean that it sounds like constant reminders of redecorating the place to make it better. Let’s start with:



Let your front door and your entrance set the invitation tone first.

Do not underestimate the inviting power of a good roadblock. The welcome bright light carpet works wonders with some sweets signs by the front door that says “hello.” 

If you are looking for a quick entry method to add instant vibration? Insert a large green leafy plant on the inner side of the front door (if it will fit). Guests have a great view of green life as long as your door opens.



 Make sure your couch is comfortable with your chairs

Think of a beautiful reception area: The furniture is arranged in groups that invite conversation. When installing furniture in your living room, strive for the same sense of balance and closeness.

One common mistake you should avoid: Pressing all the furniture into the walls. People do that because they think it will make their room look bigger, but in reality, floating furniture away from the walls makes the room feel bigger.


Simple Arrangement 

This is probably not something you want to hear because we don’t think cleaning up is fun but adding a few pieces that make it easier to make an organization can make a big difference. Consider wearing coat hooks with the front door. Then place a small folding chair under it to sit on as you take off your shoes. You can also place organizer boxes on the table to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Keep in mind that bookshelves can be more than just books. Designing the perfect combination of books, art, and trinkets is an integral part of the room.


Set a comfortable place to read

If your home does not have the resources left to be converted into a learning nook, build your own formal living room to serve a double function as a cozy living room.


Renovate Your Furniture

Renovating your furniture will automatically renovate the space. And if you like eclectic decoration, make notes in this beautiful living room. Every design in this room works very well – the angular mirror, clear orange art, marble fireplace, rustic chair, and geometric clay are all unexpectedly complemented by the softness of the bright colored chairs.


Use Accent Wallpaper

You don’t necessarily have to color your whole room – just choose a wall and emphasize it. It’s fast, easy, and it makes a big difference.


Are you still looking for a House? Worry no more. Look at these properties:

Get yourself a decent home and decorate as you like.


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Home selling myths you should ignore

Published Date : November 8, 2021 Article Community Guide Real Estate 101 Selling tips

One of the things you may be aware of when you start the process of selling your home is that everyone around you – friends and family including – is an expert in selling a home. More accurately, though, everyone thinks they are an expert.

Sadly, homeowners often use a lot of wrong information when they first try to sell their homes. There are many reasons for this. Although you may find a lot of information online about home sales, not all are accurate.

The difficulty is that these myths can make it very difficult to sell your house. Your home is probably the most important investment you have. You can’t afford to make expensive home sales mistakes based on “facts” that are not only trivial but misleading.

Before you take any home sales tips, be sure to review the following list of common myths related to real estate.

Overpricing leaves more room for negotiation.

Believing this home-selling myth that over-indulgence is intended to provide extra pillows during negotiations, you will be voluntarily dismissing any significant buyers.

Any intelligent homeowner who offered anything in an area of ​​higher value knows that he could include the offer in the already low-priced comparable homes in asking for a price.

Homebuyers are more educated and researched than ever before. Higher chances are that they walk away from it entirely than to try to negotiate a little. You will have accomplished much more by evicting the buyers of the property instead of attracting them.


You received your first offer too soon; you must’ve been underpriced.

It is less likely that your home will get sold in the first week. But sometimes it happens – you may get a bite soon after you get to the market. Don’t overthink: you didn’t make your house down. If so, you probably bought it right, which is why it attracts honest buyers so quickly.

A common thought when you receive an initial offer – especially if the look is less than attractive – hold on to get a better offer from someone else. If the first deal is precisely what you want, then accept it in every way – you know what works best for you.


You Should Never Repair Your Home Before Selling.

Some people will make you believe that you should simply hang ‘For sale’ and sign up and let buyers come and bid – even if your house is in poor condition. This is terrible advice. Sure, it would be a mistake to dip a large amount of money into a new kitchen that consumers may not like, but fixing essential issues is important if you want to earn a high price.


Sale by the owner himself will save money.

It’s a great idea — you sell the home yourself, and you don’t have to pay anyone a commission. This might work if the houses were easy to sell, but they are not. And even if you did get someone to buy a home, you probably wouldn’t sell at a higher price as you would have with a different real estate agent.

Selling your home at the best price requires extensive marketing, targeted marketing, good photos/videos, online marketing, strong negotiation skills, and marketing ability.

If you have all these things that the owner sells, it might make sense to you. Once you are connected with Housal, you don’t need to worry about not possessing professional skills. Housal helps you put your ad live and make it reach potential buyers. Here, look at some of the listings for Affordable condo for sale, RFO condo for sale, Townhouse for sale, Apartment for sale, Residential lot for sale, House for Sale. Join us today.


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Whether to Sell or Renovate your Home ?

Published Date : Community Guide Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 Selling tips

If you are thinking of a change in your lifestyle, decide whether to sell or renovate your home. It can be a difficult question and should not be something you rush into when doing what is best for you.

Finances, lifestyle, work-life, family needs and goals, and growing families are all good reasons to consider your current situation and make a plan for the future. When deciding whether to stay and repair your current home or consider selling and buying something new, you should take the time to deal with all the options, good and bad, and the associated costs.

Costs are a major factor in home improvement decisions. Whether or not it is cheaper to restructure or sell the House depends on your current mortgage status and how much money you have in savings. Repairs come with quick, out-of-pocket costs, while selling can put cash in your pocket right now but be more expensive later.

Budget for repairs

When it comes to picking whether to renew or sell, there may be a few things to play with. Many with family – tend to feel connected to their homes because of memories and the importance of empathy, and this may motivate a person to want to stay longer and rejuvenate rather than buy something new.

To help you decide, you need to weigh a few things. First, you need to think about your budget and determine how much you will spend.

Then you need to look at the possible cost of the renewal. Considering your location, vendor costs, permits, and average construction costs, spend some time checking how much you will incur if you want to repair instead of relocating.


Even if it is cheaper to move instead of rehabilitating, will you benefit more from your investment? Research market conditions before signing your home. There are also seasonal real estate styles to consider. Houses usually sell faster in the spring and summer and are more likely to sell at a reasonable price or higher.


Reasons to move

If there are some things, you can’t change with your current home.

You want to send children to a specific school district, or the size of the House may be too small, or you may not have enough bedrooms to fit your growing family. Whatever your needs can be which can’t be fulfilled in the current locality can drive you to relocate.

If so, it may be time for packing and moving.


Decide what suits you the best. If you have already set up your mind about selling, you can sign up with Housal to make your journey smooth. Housal not only helps you with selling your property but finding you a new one as per your needs. You can have a quick look at the website to get the basic idea. Also, look at these live property listings of House for lease, Affordable condo for sale, Studio type Condo for sale, Affordable condo for rent, Condo unit for lease, Studio Unit for sale.


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