Retirement in the Philippines – 4 Factors To Consider When Retiring In The Philippines

Published Date : January 8, 2022 Article Buying Property Buying Tips Community Guide Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 renting house


If you want to spend your retirement in all-year warm weather surrounded by beaches and rainforests, then the Philippines is a great option. The government of the Philippines is very welcoming to expat retirees, and the tax situation is friendly. The cost of living is pretty low, making it more attractive to settle in, but there are many more things you have to be prepared for while retiring in the Philippines.

Here are the four factors you must consider while retiring in the Philippines:


Determine what kind of retirement you want to have. Take into consideration that your lifestyle might remain the same when you retire; you might want to be not too far from where you are right now. Sometimes people have very unrealistic expectations about their plans that can be unhealthy. Experts say you should prepare at least 75 percent of your pre-retirement budget; that way, you can balance your expenses and lifestyle.

Medical Expenses

Setting aside a proportion of your savings for medical expenses is essential. Also, you can’t be sure if you will need it or you don’t as it is a contingency. You can’t cut on it. Ignoring your medical requirement can cause serious consequences, so be prepared beforehand.

Manage Your Current Expenses

If you are planning for retirement now, you might want to prepare yourself to face a time where there is no income in your life. You have to save a lot to pay your post-retirement expenses, which start today. If you spend less today, you are likely to hold more tomorrow. The more savings you have, the more time you get to stay at peace of mind.

Passive Income

Retirement can’t put an end to your income. If you retire, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will stop earning. You should have some source of income so that if you meet any contingency, you have some extra savings up in your sleeves. There are various ways you can earn passively without doing any regular work. So few of the options by which you can earn passive income are an investment in real estate or funds. You can also buy housing properties and rent them out. Another way is to do affiliate marketing. Earning passive income can help you pay your expenses in your financial crisis.


Decide if you want to downsize, what age you plan to retire, and how much you will need to live a comfortable life. But don’t underestimate your current expense; you will not be able to save for retirement as quickly as you would like, so be practical about it. For real estate income or investment, you can explore your options with Housal. You can buy a condo or put your house on rent. There are so many property options it offers for investment. So when retiring, plan everything carefully and practically.


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