9 Mistakes Made by Novice Real Estate Investors

Published Date : February 3, 2022 Article Buying Tips Community Guide Housing tips Investment Tips Real Estate 101

We see a lot of rookie investors fall into the same traps. Yes, mistakes happen, especially when you are a beginner, which is nothing to be embarrassed about. Of course, buying and selling houses is a legitimate means of generating an income. It does, however, require knowledge, willpower, and persistence. To help you avoid making the same mistakes, we’ve put together a list of nine common mistakes that new investors make.

  1. Not Enough Knowledge

We all know that you can make money by investing in real estate. However, it takes knowledge, not just capital, to make money in this business. When the market is hot and you have the cash, it’s difficult to resist going on a buying spree. You must know your plans before applying for a mortgage or paying cash. When it comes to investing, especially in real estate, remember that due diligence is a must. Before purchasing the property you want, conduct some research on the neighborhood, and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions.

  1. Know It All

Many investors assume they know everything there is to know about real estate and can close a deal by themselves. While you may have completed several successful transactions in the past, the process may not go as smoothly in a down market—and there is no one to turn to if you want to rescue a bad real estate deal.

Real estate investors should take advantage of all available resources and make relationships with experts who can help them make the best possible purchase. A knowledgeable real estate agent, a licensed home inspector, a carpenter, a qualified attorney, and an insurance representative should all be on your contact list.

  1. Not Taking Action

If you’ve obtained a solid education from a reputable source, the next step is to act. Knowledge is only valuable when it is put to good use. Buying a variety of real estate investing materials or attending webinars of a YouTube guru won’t help you make money. Some beginners fail to take action because they are still looking for that magical secret that will cause deals to start falling from the sky. Whatever the cause, failure is a clear signal if you do not take continuous action. Initial failure, in my opinion, is the universe’s way of forcing us to ensure that we truly want what we’re pursuing. Persistence, in the end, is what leads to success. And the more we stick with it, the closer we come to our goal. Like Pablo Picasso said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.

  1. Unrealistic Expectations

Most rookies, not just real estate investors, have unrealistic expectations. It could be about the number of repairs a property requires, the length of time it takes to finish a job, or the profit they expect from a transaction. If they’re landlords, they may underestimate the amount of maintenance property needs or forget to factor in vacancies. While getting an education plays a significant role in these mistakes, another reason is that they did not leave enough room for error. They assumed that everything would work according to plan. Real estate transactions rarely go according to plan. Experienced investors recognize the value of expecting the unexpected. So when things don’t go according to plan, it’s not the end of the world.

  1. Not Thinking Like a Businessman

You must purchase real estate with the purpose of profiting. A lot of folks bought a house without any criteria in mind. They simply assumed that you’re an investor and will make money immediately if you buy a house and rent it out. Whether a rookie investor intends to flip or own rentals, they often mistakenly believe that real estate ownership will be easier than it is. While the return potential of real estate is typically far higher than that of other financial assets such as stocks, it does demand more effort than other passive investments. In this way, it’s more like a business than an investment. You must, for example, be disciplined in your business. Policies and procedures must be established and followed. You must set goals and do everything in your power to achieve them. Remember, when you own a business, you are in charge. To achieve this, you must be willing to make sacrifices. It could mean that instead of going out with friends on Saturdays, you surf real estate websites, look at pre-selling condos in Manila, and get to know your target communities.

  1. Being Impatient

Newbie investors may find it challenging to observe favorable outcomes when first starting out. You can’t expect to find deals and make money right away. Investors in real estate should anticipate waiting a few months for their initial transaction to close. Furthermore, turning your real estate business into a profitable venture can take years. There aren’t many companies that become successful right away, regardless of their type. Most businesses need several years to reach a point where they can produce stable and consistent revenues. Owning a business can be a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding. However, keep in mind that the early years can be uncertain. As a result, if you want things to take off, you’ll need a lot of patience.

  1. Ignoring the Soft Cost

When examining a business, many novice investors overlook “soft costs.” Closing costs, agency fees, licenses, and carrying costs while holding the asset are frequently underestimated, but they provide a hard but valuable learning experience.

  1. Fixing up a Property for Your Liking

Don’t look at the property and say, “Granite tiles would look good on this.” “I would love to put wooden floors and etc.” You always fix a property to market standards in the real estate game. Or, to put it another way, what are the other properties in the neighborhood like, and how are they selling in the market you’re in? Remember the previous tip. Treat it as a business.

  1. No Plans

Before getting a mortgage, you need to decide on an investment plan. What type of property are you looking for, for example, a condominium for sale or townhouse for sale? Make a purchase strategy, and then look for properties that meet that goal. Plan your clear exit strategy. Let’s say your project is to buy and sell houses, and your goal is to exit in a few months. If it’s a buy and hold, you should ask yourself, how long? If you don’t fully understand your plan, it’s only a sign that you’re approaching things incorrectly. You’re buying it in the hopes that it’ll all work out in the end. Always be aware of what you’re doing and how you’ll get out.

Everyone would be investing in real estate if it were simple. If you’re just starting out in real estate investing, you probably have a lot of questions like where to start and find the best property deals. Check out a trusted online portal for the Widest Range of Property Listings under One Roof & on One Portal. Start searching, and who knows? This may be the beginning of your real estate investing career.

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What Are the Aspects of Being a Landlord?

Published Date : January 8, 2022 Article Buying Tips Community Guide Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 Renting condominium renting house

As a property owner, you are no stranger to taking on many responsibilities at once. You probably know that you may feel overwhelmed by financial problems or guilt if you do not handle things properly. Therefore, you need to prevent the delay in necessary dues. 

Tenants can withhold rent from homeowners for many reasons, ranging from low income or temporary unemployment to settle disputes and settlements. But when it comes to the costs that a homeowner has to pay, they can’t negotiate. 


When you rent your home, you would impose specific rules and regulations on the tenant. Renters may break the rules such as not paying their mortgage on time, not following the ‘pet ownership policy,’ but the renter now insists on keeping it. Such times are the result of disputes between landlords and tenants.

It’s easy to find tenets with the help of Housal. All you have to do is put your property out there on our website and wait for the legit tenets to contact you. You can list any type of property like a house for rent, condo for rent, townhouse for rent, or apartment for rent.


Before you deduct money from your renter’s deposit or pay it for repairs, make sure you understand your country’s laws and local laws when it comes to security installations. Additionally, make sure that the damage is above normal wear.

Check your rental units regularly. Your lease agreement must state that this will be done with due notice, allowing you to see unauthorized updates or general property abuse. Lastly, if the tenant simply refuses to repair the damage and will not pay for the repair costs, you must have a clause in the law regarding the termination of the lease agreement.

If you believe you will find yourself in court soon – or even want to defend yourself, if possible – it is always a good idea to keep as many details of the tenant’s problems as you need to prove—the reason for dismissal from the court. Many landlords underestimate the need for paper routes when dealing with problematic tenants, mistakenly believing that oral contracts remain in court. However, this process can be much easier if you record all your communication with your problematic renters.

Good communication is beneficial for both parties. If there is no communication, problems on both sides will not be solved. Both homeowners and tenants can experience many frustrating problems. But, without communication, there is no way to fix those problems.

Even before the lease agreement is signed, a communication method must be established. 


If you are a landlord who wants to list their rental place, get onboard with Housal. You will be surprised to receive many offers on your houses for rent, Condo for rent, and many other rental properties. Get onboard with Housal.


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Want to Host the Best Housewarming Party? Tips on How to Prepare

Published Date : January 7, 2022 Article Buying Tips Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 Renting condominium

You feel overwhelmed with excitement when moving to a new house. Everything feels fresh and happy, and you want to share this feeling with someone. The best way to do it is to host a housewarming party? 

A fun party is a great way to celebrate your exciting new digs and breathe after the pressure of movement. Use your housewarming party as a motivator to unpack most of your belongings. And the good news is you can throw a fun house party on a budget.


Prepare Your Home

First thing first: Make sure your house is ready to be shown, and you feel happy and proud of it. Unlike other indoor parties, no rooms should be closed to guests. The purpose is to make people want to see your new home and visit it. So feel good about all the rooms. Everything should be open and accessible. That means everything in your home needs to be ready for guests. 


If you still haven’t got yourself a nice place yet, then do look up at Housal. You can find Condo for sale, an Apartment for sale, House for rent, or Townhouse for rent in your locality. Visit Housal.com to know more.


Make a List of Guests

You must first keep a list of guests before you can start working on the invitation. Make sure you include any friends, family, and coworkers you’d like to invite to your new home. Limit the list of guests to the number of guests that are appropriate for the place you are. 



To keep it simple, you can talk to your neighbors in person or create a small invitation and throw it in each family’s mailbox. If you have children, you might ask them to bring invitations as an excellent way to get them to meet their neighbors. 


Create a Playlist

Whether it’s a Halloween celebration or a housewarming party, music is essential when setting the mood for any event. It may also allow everyone to relax when a conversation is slow.


Simple Comforting Foods

When you think of home, you probably think of a warm meal cooked at home. Give your guests that feeling of welcome and comfort by providing inclusive dishes.

With so many things to do at a party, try and think of luxurious meals that can be prepared in large quantities to save time.


Think of the Fun Games You Can Play

It is your new home, so you can play any fun games you wish. Tap on your inner child and make it a casual, playful party. If things are already helter-skelter with the furniture, make ample space for musical chairs. Try to include everyone in the activities.


Last but not least, stop thinking too much about it. Simply put, your neighbors will love you for you. Throwing a housewarming party can be a sign of respect for your neighbors. It shows them that you are taking time in your life to get to know them. Relax and remember to have fun.


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The Art of Downsizing Your Home

Published Date : Article Buying Tips Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 renting house

“Tranquillity hides in small spaces, and when found, needs to be treasured because you know it’s a phantom that will slip away again.”- Daine Ackerman.

While it is true, we live in a society that tends to believe that “bigger is better.” It is necessary to change your thinking and acknowledge that a small home can help you and fit your lifestyle.

There are many reasons to buy a small home or downsize your current home, but sometimes, the idea of ​​”less is more” motivates homeowners to buy a smaller home.

We have created a guide to help you learn how to reduce your home size and live without clutter. First, let’s get a basic idea about ‘downsizing.’

What is Downsizing?

Downsizing is when you buy a home smaller than the one you currently own. Usually, people who already have an empty nest struggle to take care of their home or find it difficult to cope with costs and decide to downsize. It is never too late to start looking for a small apartment for sale or a  house for rent

Downsizing to a small home means less care, less debt, and more time to do the things you love. It is a job to save both money and time.

How Do You Get Started?

Make Big Decisions First

The best way to avoid going from room to room is to make big decisions first and then small ones. Discuss with your partner or family, and think carefully about the issues before deciding what should be discarded and what is going to your new home.

Storage Space

Along with planning a room, calculate the number of clothes and cabinets you will have in your new living space. Compare what you have now and start making decisions about what should go.

Sort By Items

As you go through your stuff, you will need to configure the system to stay organized. We recommend the Three Box Method, which forces you to decide on each item. Collect three boxes or bins and label them with “Save,” “Discard,” and ” Give away.”

You need to keep things in perspective in your daily life. Once you have filled your “Save” box in each room, you can pack it and label it to make a move and take it out.

Make Good Use of Your Storage Spaces

When remodeling a small home, it is important to expand any storage space you have. While not all homes have a designated storage area such as a basement, attic, or garage, here are some tips you can keep in mind:

  • Create built-in storage options whenever you can.
  • Multi-functional furniture such as beds with cabinets, cupboards, bookshelves, and baskets all help to hide and reduce clutter.
  • Floating shelves are great for displaying decorations in the house, as well as adding storage to your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.
  • Use extra space in your new home, such as under stairs, cabinets, and cribs, to store seasonal or emotional items.


If you are thinking of moving, start downsizing immediately. It can save you time, money, and space, but more importantly, it allows you to learn how to live an uncomplicated life.

Although it may be a daunting process at first, both physically and emotionally, you can make the task less tiring by breaking it down into a series of steps. Starting with the big things and becoming smaller, you will soon be creating a simpler but more comfortable.

So when downsizing your home and getting a new one, do it with Housal. You may find various property options like apartments for rent, houses for sale, apartments for sale, and many more. Visit Housal today!


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What to Look for in a Rental Property?

Published Date : December 16, 2021 Buying Property Buying Tips Industry News Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 renting house

Today, many people look to invest in rental property to create a distribution of income, build wealth, and secure their financial future. The problem is that most people do not understand what buying a rental property involves or what you should look for in a rental property before investing. As a result, many emerging investors make poor investment decisions that lead to significant losses. Here are some important things to look for when buying a rental property:

Physical Condition

There is nothing wrong with buying a fixed or repaired place, but you need to be realistic about the time and money.

After receiving a thorough examination by a qualified professional, ask yourself how many adjustments you can make on your own and how many may need outside contractors. Based upon your thorough research, select the property.

Desirable Neighborhood

The area is a vital part of an excellent rental place. And since the location does not change, make sure you choose wisely. What renters want is a place that can provide them with a quality of life. A good rental facility is near good schools, adequate transportation systems, shopping malls, restaurants, internet access, water supply, movie theaters, gyms, and other essential facilities.

Are you looking for a rental property? Here are some fantastic condos for rent, houses for rent, and apartments for rent. Check them out on Housal.

Income potential

Another thing to consider before investing in a rental property is how much investment you can afford. Things may not always go as expected; an area that fails to deliver a significant amount of money will not only be a financial hazard but can also prevent you from investing elsewhere. Whether you want to buy a home for investment or housing, you should consider the potential income.

Low crime rates

No one wants to live near an area of crime. Local police or public libraries should have accurate neighborhood crime statistics. Check for damages and serious and minor offenses, and do not forget to keep track of when a crime rises or falls. You may also want to inquire about police presence in your area.


No one wants to drive around for hours looking for a parking space. If your location is in a suburban area, many parking spaces may be available on the street. However, in densely populated urban areas, parking is an important consideration.

Repairs and improvements

Entering a rented place is a new beginning for the renters — make the place feel as fresh as possible. You do not want your new home to look like it did before. Consider a renovated kitchen or bathroom, solid wood flooring, or quality carpet while looking for apartment amenities.


Check and compare lists if you are looking for a house for rent, whether a one-family home or apartment. Knowing what you should look for in a rental place from the start will help you choose the right rental site. You should also do your homework to find a home that fits your needs and wants. And when seeking a house for rent or apartment for rent, connect with Housal to avail amazing deals.


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Homecation: a Perfect Vacation in Pandemic

Published Date : Article Community Guide Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 Renting condominium renting house

This pandemic struck at a time when we were unprepared. The only option for us was to stay inside our houses. But for some, living inside was also not a great option because of the condition of their house. 

We never give much thought to the comfort or the space our home provides us and how much of it we actually need. And if there exists a difference between the two, then you might want to change your home. 

When in need of a new place, look at Housal. Condo for sale or rent, Apartment for sale or rent, Townhouse for sale are a few of the many options you may find on our website. You can start your search now.

Currently, homes are our secondary schools, offices, and gyms, if not more. With canceled holidays and a deep desire to travel, ‘home’ may be a new way to relax, transforming your garden or backyard into a holiday destination.

‘Homecation,’ which is a home holiday, allows families to remember and adhere to certain summer traditions, in addition to the health, safety, and financial concerns that may now come with a traditional holiday.

You can try these things to start your Homecation.

Home Camping

Give camping a chance to improve with things. Depending on your children’s likes, you can make this as fun as you wish. Whether it’s a bunker bed or a tent set up in the living room or a camping area packed in the yard, camping at home is a great way to get a family together.

Transform Your Kitchen into a Restaurant

You have so many different options for food when you are at home. Instead of simply ordering your food and crushing it, live by changing your kitchen into a restaurant – tablecloths, serviettes, and everything. And if you do not have a bar counter, you can also add it to a small table, arrange some drinks in it and turn it into a “bar,” even if all you are going to drink is orange juice.

Night of a Family Movie

Choose a favorite family movie or a new one you have never seen and set a whole night with a fun theme next to it. You can make food, a movie theme, and do other activities.


There are so many beautiful things about homecation, from traveling around in pajamas to creating a travel plan without having to worry about the time it takes to travel between places.

Forget the outside world for a while, if you can, the way we should forget work when we go on vacation.

You must plan such a homecation whenever you need a refreshment. If your current house doesn’t feel suitable for your comfort, you can always look for a house for sale or an apartment for rent with Housal. Get a new home and start your adventure of a homecation.


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Kitchen Essentials: a Must-have for Your Kitchen!

Published Date : Article Buying Tips Community Guide Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 Renting condominium

The journey of turning a house into a home is a very long process, so after you buy yourself a nice place with Housal, it’s time to complete it with essentials. Starting from the most important room in the house, that is the kitchen. 

If your search for a house for sale is still going on, then feel free to visit Housal. You can check out excellent properties like Townhouse for sale, Condo for rent, or Townhouse for lease

Having the essential cooking tools in your closet will make your life a lot easier. Basics are you need to start cooking, and you can check out the essential section of kitchen tools here.

Chef’s Knife

A good knife is a great friend of a cook. The stainless steel with carbon will remain sharp over time but go to a specialty store to find the perfect fit. Have a knife that feels comfortable in your hand.

Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls are used for almost everything in food preparation. Have a few of these bowls in different sizes in your kitchen.


Your collection here really depends on your choices and personality. These are the things you should make sure to have at all parties and consider the essentials of the kitchen to get together. These are the basics. Some of the items may look weird, but you always make sure to have tons of dishes. The dishes are essential.

Cutting Board

You need a cutting board made of thick wood so it will not bend when wet. A bamboo cutting board remains strong. You can also buy a plastic cutting board made exclusively for meat because it is easier to wash.


Without a colander, it is a bit tough to wash all those vegetables and fruits. It also helps while cooking pasta and straining.

Silicone spatulas

These are great for cooking, especially for getting the whole piece of food in your mixing containers or pots and pans. They can bend in such a way that they rub every little thing in every little corner.

A set of non-stick pans

You need to have a  good basic set. Skillets can be used to cook meat, vegetables, and eggs. You will end up using these more. Pots are great for making sauces and gravies and amazing for cooking pasta, soups.

Vegetable Peeler

A vegetarian can speed up your preparation time, whether you use peeled potatoes, carrots, or other vegetables.


A whisk is one of the most widely used items in your kitchen, so it is important to have one. Good grips fit well in hand and are perfect for mixing salad dressings, sauces, eggs, desserts, and much more.

Can Opener

The opener is something you don’t want to forget! Canned beans and vegetables make for quick cooking and are a great base for the pantry, but a lot of stuff also comes in cans that require a tin can.


The goal is to help you build a well-equipped kitchen for years to come. These things will help you know what you need in the kitchen, cook regularly. They say that people who eat at home are very healthy. So it is essential to have a kitchen with essentials that will inspire you to cook more than ever.

Get an  Apartment for rent or a Townhouse for sale with Housal!


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5 Ideas for Creating an Organized Entrance for Your Home

Published Date : December 10, 2021 Article Buying Tips Design Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101

After moving to your new home, you want to invite people and share your happiness with them. You want to show off your new home as well, and for that, the display should be attractive. The first thing they will see is your entrance area. You have to make sure it is well presented. Before moving ahead, if you are interested in buying a new house or selling your old home, do it with Housal. Apartment for rent, House for sale, Condo for sale are some of the many options Housal provides. When dealing in real estate, stay connected with us.

Your entrance helps set the tone for your home, so why not make it as organized and inviting as possible? Follow these simple steps to create and maintain an orderly entry that works for your area and family.

  1. Hooks

Finding a place for hooks on the wall is essential when it comes to layout in any area. This is true in the case of entryways, often filled with small items such as keys and outer gears such as coats, hats, and umbrellas. Hooks can work even in tiny houses, helping to disperse the floor. There are many styles of hooks out there to choose from, so select what goes with your home.

  1. Baskets

If your space is large enough to accommodate a bench, baskets are a great option to put. Baskets make it easy for children to put on their bike helmets, mittens, and other accessories. Baskets with lids keep clutter invisible.

  1. Shoe cabinet

The entrance hall can quickly change from an orderly to a sea of ​​shoes. Keep the disarray away by installing a shoe storage area. After putting on your shoes, just push the drawer to hide everything inside.

  1. Regular decluttering.

Family visits often include mail, papers, newspapers, magazines, library books, broken items, and extra clothing at the door. Set the standard times to clear the clutter on the entry path.

  1. Use cubbies.

Minimize clutter by keeping small cubbies free of space. They not only clear the mess but also make the place look better.


Your entrance is the first thing you see when you walk in the door after a busy day. It pays to create a beautiful and functional space. Once you have set up, you can elevate your place with some simple details. Hang a mirror or favorite photo or piece of art. Add a pot of fresh flowers.

Although most of us do not move out of the house right now, we will be pleased to give ourselves some good sights. Decorating your new place can be exciting. But if you still haven’t got a new home, then find a house for sale and an apartment for sale with Housal.


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The Ultimate House Maintenance Checklist

Published Date : December 9, 2021 Article Buying Property Buying Tips Community Guide Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101

As a regular medical examination, a home remodeling schedule is essential for taking care of each home. Continuing to inspect your exterior, heating and cooling, plumbing, safety, and electrical systems will help prevent breakage, save money, and keep your home looking its best. Use this home improvement checklist to help plan your seasonal updates, repairs, and cleaning, as well as several monthly activities.

Prevent Water Damage

Water damage can be an expensive and time-consuming project that you did not wish to in the first place. It can also be heartbreaking when your valuables reach a critical level, beyond repair.

Restore Energy to Any Dead Areas

If you find that some of your energy sources are dead, we recommend that you call an electrician to fix them. It is always a good time to check if you have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. If not, it will probably appear in a home inspection when you decide to sell your house.

Water Pipes

Clean your pipes well once; look under the sink to make sure there are no signs of leaks. Look up at your roof to find water spots – a sign of leaks on the wall. Check the taps and flapper on your toilet tank to make sure they are not worn out. Adjust what you can do; call the plumber about what you need help with.

If your house feels too broken to be repaired, consider changing it. You can buy property like a house for sale in Cubao or House for rent in Malate.

Help Testing

Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide to make sure they are working and equipped with full batteries. Also, make sure the fire extinguisher you have is not expired.

Clean Your Water Heater

Once a year, you will need to clean your water heater or have a professional do it. Cleaning your water heater will remove any minerals or debris from the system, ensuring it works best.

Control Humidity Levels

High humidity can cause mold, a serious health hazard that may require extensive work to repair. Excess moisture can also attract rats and insects in the home. No one wants to deal with that. 

Better Change

Select one room in your house. Choose any room, and make small adjustments. For example, you can repaint it, change the curtains, move the furniture, and add plants and knickknacks to make it look new. If you do this with one room a year, your whole home will look great in a few years.


Follow this checklist, and you can have a  wonderful home with minimal investment of time and energy. Create ongoing calendar events to stay active and seek help from family members. You can distribute the work all year round, so you do not need to do it all at once. Your home should be a safe, happy place that puts a smile on your face. Proper care will keep you that way.

Keeping your house upkeep will give you the convenience of living relaxed and is an asset buildup. A well-maintained house has a good resale value. So if you are interested in selling your property, list it with Housal. Put your ad online as Condo for sale in BGC, Rent to own in Ermita, Condo for sale in Malate, depending upon your location. Housal provides you with the convenience of dealing with properties in one place. To delve more into real estate, get on board with Housal.


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Genius Storage Ideas for Your Kids Room

Published Date : Article Buying Property Buying Tips Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 Renting condominium

Your need for storage changes as there adds a new member to the family; with a growing family, you need extra space. For that case, you can immediately start looking for a house for sale or apartments for rent online. 

If you have this constant urge to keep your home organized, you can start with your kid’s room. Bedroom ideas for young children can be challenging. Every parent wants children to have a bright, uncluttered space to play with and do their homework. Still, they often cling to small rooms or stand awkwardly because of space constraints.

Using multi-purpose kids’ furniture and other creative solutions, there are many ways you can fully create space in kids’ bedrooms.


Vertical Storage

Straight storage is a smart idea for any small space and can be used in the baby’s bedroom. Add floating shelves to hold small toys and books. It adds extra order without sacrificing the much-needed room on the floor. Or use the door hanger for items such as utensils, toys, backpacks, and more!

If your house has some serious storage issues, consider looking for a condo for rent. Moving to a big place might be a good option for a growing family.


Under Bed Bins

Get a flat plastic storage bin to slide under the bed to keep casual play with toys outside the main play area or season clothes out of the closet. You can add an extra storage area in your children’s room with this. And, if you can get containers with rolls, that’s a bonus.


Make Sure Everything Is Easily Accessible

Having a small children’s bedroom does not mean that a child will accumulate a few things. Encourage clean space by ensuring that storage is easily accessible to minors. Create a library of pre-displayed large books. Remove the fitted cupboard doors to make them look plain and airy and replace the basket shelves and containers. Labeled storage will keep clothes off the floor.


Pegboard With Storage

A Pegboard is not just a display or workspace. Use a pegboard in a small child’s room and attach string baskets and caddies to store toys, art supplies, handicrafts, and other accessories.


Divide and Conquer

If you have more than one child sharing a room, you know how they get attached to certain toys. Avoid future disputes by reusing the separating baskets as a storage area. This way, they know where to find their favorite treasures.


When decorating your child’s bedroom or playroom, keeping his or her needs, needs, and interests in mind will create a fun and orderly environment for children.

With children comes the need for a safe neighborhood and good schooling facilities nearby. You can search for apartments for sale or condos for rent at Housal as per your location. Visit Housal to know more.


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What’s the Right Age to Buy a Home?

Published Date : Article Buying Property Buying Tips Industry News Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 renting house

Buying a new home can be a challenge for a beginner. After all, there are many steps, tasks, and requirements, and you may worry about making an expensive mistake. But home buyers, for the first time, are enjoying some unique benefits created to encourage new entrants to the housing market.

Housal has made home buying easy as it is an online marketplace for real estate. You can visit the website to look at various property options like an Apartment for sale or a Condo for rent

Speaking straight, there is no “right” age to buy a home, but it is wise to consider where you are in life as you decide whether to buy or not. Buying a home is a major investment in many people’s lives, and your status as a homeowner can help or hurt you financially. Most importantly, your lifestyle affects your quality of life. A homeowner gives a sense of security that a person looks for when living with their family.

You must be prepared for the related costs, like downpayment, for buying a house. A down payment is the amount of money you put in advance when you close your home. Yes, you can pay a lower amount if you wish. However, things get even worse if you decide to pay less than 20 percent. In addition to paying less, you need to make sure you have the cash to pay for other related costs. These extra costs can be incredibly high and add thousands to your tab when you close. The most important thing to consider after a low payment. What will be left to pay off your other debts? Sometimes, first-time homebuyers are so excited about the prospect of their new home that they even forget that they will have some extra costs in the back to deal with it. And they still need to pay for life. Can you afford your regular expenses after buying a home?

Based on your budget, you can look for the kind of property you want, like a house for sale or a Townhouse for lease. If you can’t afford a downpayment, you can look for rent-to-own property options as well.

Although buying a house is a big decision, it turns out that there are not enough years to do it. It’s about individual readiness when it comes to depth.


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Quick Ways to Organize a Small Bathroom

Published Date : November 26, 2021 Article Buying Property Buying Tips Community Guide Housing tips Real Estate 101



While buying a house in search of the perfect rooms, we sometimes ignore bathrooms, leaving us with a compact bathroom. A small bathroom is one of the most challenging areas to organize and maintain. You need to keep many items in the bathroom — many of them small and sometimes slippery. And because you use those things several times a day, it is easy to become complacent, dirty, and clumsy.

Make sure when looking for a house for sale or apartment for rent, you inspect the physical features of your bathroom as well. 

When stuck with small bathrooms, you can use your creativity to make the best out of the situation. These are some tips that may come in handy.


  • Place shelves on top of the bathroom. Add two to three shelves above your toilet to add space for your toiletries if you need an actual countertop.
  • Add hooks to your walls. Hold a few metal hooks, skip the plastic ones to make them a little more attractive, and hang them on the wall to get towels or behind the wardrobe door, too.
  • It is common to have a variety of shampoos, baths, and razors stored at the edge of your shower or bathtub. After all, they are frequently used and should be kept close. However, these substances can accumulate over time (especially if you share your shower). To help prevent this clutter, find a place to put your shower caddy. That way, everything you need to wash is easily accessible in a clean and orderly manner. This will help you keep the edges of your bathtub empty, making the cleaning easy.
  • Baskets allow the necessary maintenance to keep the bathroom neat so that everyone has their own space to store whatever they want. Find a small shelf to put baskets on it.
  • If you do not want to use your limited floor space, place a basket on your bathroom wall and place towels wrapped around it. It looks great and is easy to reach.


Spending a weekend decluttering and applying some of these bathroom organizing ideas can change the way you view your space. Just because you usually come in and go out early in the morning does not mean that you should not pay attention.

Find a place for a hand towel and your tangled hair dryer, add a nice mat to enhance your space; it will be worth it.

If you are not happy with your current, concise space, there is always an option to look for a house for rent, apartment for rent, or house for sale. If you need help with finding a new home, then lookup at Housal.


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