How to Take Care of Your Lawn?

Published Date : November 22, 2021 Article Buying Tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101

Having a house with a lawn is a blessing as it adds beauty to your home. With the lawn comes the convenience of doing many outdoor activities with your family. So when looking for a house for sale for your growing family, you can keep that lawn as a plus point to a property. 

Grass works to enhance the beauty of a lawn, whether it is large or small. Good grass that is well cared for can make the whole place look fresh. Usually, the grass should be open to the sun and requires a lot of maintenance. These tips might help you take care of your lawn.


Loosen the soil

Regular freshening once every few years prevents the soil from becoming overgrown and covered with grass, a thick layer of roots, stems that blocks water, oxygen, and nutrients from reaching the ground. It’s a good idea to put some air in the grass just before fertilizing.


Mow High

Mow the grass at the top to encourage strong root growth and heat tolerance. Tallgrass provides extra shade, keeps weeds from growing, and plays with your lawn. Start by sharpening your mower blades. Blunt blades will tear and separate your grass instead, making the grass vulnerable to moisture loss. Mower blades usually remain sharp for 10 hours of cutting.


Are you looking for a house with a vibrantly green lawn? Check out these houses for sale, houses for rent, and houses for lease at Housal.


Sharpen mower blades

Sharpen mower blades to ensure clean cuts. The blade blades tear the grass, leaving rough edges that change the color of the grass and invite germs.

Sharpen the razor blades once a month while cutting the grass. Have a backup blade to keep sharp.



The most critical aspect of gardening is weed control. Without attention or care, there will come a time when weeds will conquer the grass, the soil will get sick, and the grass will become halls. All weeds should be removed along with the roots.



If you water only once a week, the watering should be deep.  Weekly immersion helps the roots penetrate deep into the ground, while shallow irrigation often leads to flooding. Deep watering can also prevent bedbugs, insects that usually attach to the dry grass, trapped in the center of the land.


Trim your trees

It is difficult to see if a tree has dead branches without getting into it. If dead branches are left unattended, they can fall off, causing property damage.


Fertilizing your grass

As the grass (any plant) grows, it uses nutrients from the soil. If you add fertilizers, all the soil nutrients will be used. An annual soil test can show you how much you may need to add. Feeding your grass is important, too.


Such delicate things come with maintenance. You must take good care of your lawn to keep it green and healthy. Making simple changes and cleaning habits can make a big difference.


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Want to Throw an Outdoor Party? Here are Some Useful Tips.

Published Date : Article Buying Tips Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101

If you want to welcome your loved ones into your home to chat and have fun, consider having an outdoor dinner party. It will be the perfect event to get everyone together to catch up and enjoy a delicious meal and drink. Outdoor parties require extra attention and preparation, so you should first prepare your yard for outdoor parties if you want it to be perfect. Outdoor parties are only possible when you have that space; if you don’t have a backyard, you can rent a good place for your home instead. You can look for a house for rent or a house for lease to have a nice place to yourself.

With a bit of ingenuity and preparation, you can create a magic atmosphere for your loved ones.


Plan according to the weather

When planning your outdoor party, you are likely to check and evaluate the weather report. However, the weather can be unpredictable, and anything can happen. It is important to be prepared for everything before the weather starts to blow everything.


Keep it small

While hosting a dinner party, you are responsible for every little thing, so reducing the number of people can make the whole dinner a lot more fun. Keeping the party small, for 12-15 guests. This helps you focus on the details and makes the party more personal.



If you like colorful decorations, you can go all out for an outdoor party. Hang colorful lights, place a piñata, and pull out your brightly colored tablecloths. Even your location settings can be colored the way you want. Don’t be afraid to combine and match colors and textures as you decorate.



Have a nice set of outdoor custom tables. Another great low table option is to place a large piece of wood and cover it with a tablecloth if you want. Guests can sit on pillows, cushion blankets, and other sheets in the house.


Menu considerations

Organizing an outdoor party menu does not have to be complicated. Offer a buffet with various food options like vegan or gluten-free to ensure everyone can have something they like.


Make your visitors comfortable.

Guests’ luxury should be a priority for you. If your gathering is in the middle of the day, make sure there are shady areas and provide sun protection. In the evening, lights, candles, and bug spray are required. Consider providing portable fans, umbrellas, shawls, or heat lamps, depending on the weather. Your guests should be comfortable and ensure adequate access to toilets, water, and other essentials. Prevent your guests from chasing insects by protecting insects in your outdoor restaurant.

The most crucial aspect of your outdoor party is fun. If your guests find you laughing, chatting, and having fun, chances are they will also enjoy the party.


Having an outdoor party is fun together with your loved ones and neighbors. But it is only possible when you have enough outdoor space. Some people are fond of such gatherings, but their house doesn’t have that space, so they can consider buying a place with a nice backyard. You can look for a house for sale, a house for rent, or a house for lease at Housal to get a good place for yourself.


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Townhouses: Everything you need to know

Published Date : November 8, 2021 Buying Tips Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101

A townhouse is a multistory building that combines at least one wall with a nearby building. It is one of the most popular home types for sale right now. You can see them sitting on the streets in crowded urban and suburban areas. You have your own entrance and perhaps even your basement, driveway, garage, and backyard with a city house. Citizens own and are responsible for the inside and outside of their city.

Townhouses often resemble traditional, private homes but often function as condominiums, or condos, because they are all part of a larger governing body. And that home will usually be part of a homeowners’ organization or HOA.

In addition to the possible cost of living in or near the neighborhood, Townhouses are always popular housing options for several reasons, ranging from being more affordable to closed-ended single-family homes to their access to things like swimming pools and gyms.


Housal offers many affordable Townhouses that are value-priced. You can check out these listings of Townhouse for sale, Townhouse for rent, or Townhouse for lease.


More affordable for first-time homebuyers

Townhouses are more budget-friendly than single-family homes as they are cluttered and often lack a backyard for those with segregated homes, which usually pay for them. If you don’t mind sharing the walls with your neighbors, you may find additional space for your money this way.


It is the best in both worlds

 Having a Townhouse is a great way to differentiate between a private home and a condo. You get the benefits of extra space and greater control over your area, as well as lower repair costs and the built-in community that comes with the condo.


Easy maintenance

Small possessions equate to a few things that you need to take care of. Repairing the front yard is usually about the size of a postage stamp and takes less time, energy, and money than keeping a large yard in the corner. Also, landform resources can be included in the required HOA funding.


Accessible Amenities

Many urban communities offer regular local services that can improve your quality of life. As part of your HOA payment, you may be entitled to benefits such as a playground, swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, or clubhouse, where you can entertain guests.


Other pros of having a Townhouse as your living space are:

  • HOA costs are usually lower than condos.
  • The connecting element creates a security layer – it is generally closed with a gate.
  • More freedom to customize the exterior and yard than condos.
  • They may have fewer restrictions on property rights than a condo.
  • Townhouses are more affordable as compared to single-family homes.
  • The small outer space means little to the landscape and care.


What are you waiting for? Join Housal today and get exclusive deals on Townhouse for sale, Townhouse for rent, and Townhouse for lease.


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Reasons to visit Makati

Published Date : Buying Tips Real Estate 101 Renting condominium renting house

Makati is a business district turning into a leisure hub because of its diversity in culture, nationalities, and socio-economic background. Makati is in Manila and is mainly known for its Skyscrapers, Entertainment hubs, vast and modern malls. But there is more to Makati than what meets the eyes. There is so much to delve into in Makati. I will be sharing with you five places you can visit in Makati during your time here. Also, make sure you get a Perfect Condo for rent in Makati during your stay.


  1. Greenbelt park

It is a unique park in the middle of a shopping complex. The Greenbelt has five shopping areas, and each of its areas has a different vibe, features, and architecture. So if you are like a person who gets tired while constantly being in the atmosphere of a crowded Mall, that place is yours to find relief. So if you want to find a place nearby, you can look up in  Housal.


  1. Museum

You may encounter various museums in Makati rich in preserving its historical culture. If you are a person who is much more interested in history, culture, and heritage, you should visit Makati. Before doing so, make sure you find an excellent condo for rent in Makati for your stay.


  1. Salcedo Market

The Salcedo Weekend Market is famous for serving some unique dishes. You will find a wide range of displays of local produce items for sale. If you visit this place in summer, you might find it very crowded and hot. To avoid the risk of not getting a reservation for a stay during that crowded period, pay a visit to the website of Housal.


  1. Circuit Makati

it is a recreational hub with excellent facilities. Many activities are going around, including concerts, even music and art festivals. Some of the facilities include a football field, skating park, and kart racing facility. If you plan to live nearby, you can find a condo for rent in Makati just around the corner.


  1. Saint Andrew the Apostle Church

This church is a piece of great architecture inside and outside. The aerial view of the church looks like a flowing white tent. It is a beautiful place to pray and visit.


Makati has many hidden aspects of being discovered yet, so make sure you come and stay. Don’t worry about your accommodation here; Housal will find you the best condo for rent in Makati as per your requirement. Start planning.






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Tips for first time home seller.

Published Date : November 5, 2021 Buying Tips Community Guide Financing Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 renting house


Selling a house can be surprisingly time-consuming. The selling idea gets followed by the confusion of where to start. The seller needs to know the various aspects associated with it. You are preparing yourself for the criticism about your place by strangers, inspecting every corner, and judging. For you, it’s more than just four walls and a roof, and letting that go can be challenging. But you have to keep that aside and focus on displaying your Property efficiently and getting the best possible deals. A collaboration with Housal will feature your interest in an Apartment for sale, making it sell in no time.

Here is how you can grab attention by making your house stand out.

Set aside emotions
Ever since the first thought of selling a home hit, it’s causing an uneasy feeling. Dealing with a property is a professional’s job, so you better keep yourself that way. Emotions must have to be off the table. Think of yourself as a businessman and focus on how you can make it the best deal of your life.

Make changes and repairs
Hiding the damages is not a good idea. The buyer will go through every corner observing small details. It will be best if you make repairs to fix those damages. You can also add to the value of your Property by making few changes. Adding on decorative items can elevate the look of the house, making it more likable.

Staging and display
Making repairs isn’t enough. To make your house stand out, you have to display it skillfully. Painting the walls new can enhance the ambiance and make your home look younger. Make sure there should be proper lighting so that buyers can have a clear view.
The exterior is as vital as the interior. The look from the outside will decide the urge of the buyer to go in. The outside must look clean as well. If you have any garden area, ensure trimming of grass and a lovely display of flowers. Looks matter.

Scrutinize Property from the buyer’s view
Try to put yourself in their shoes and think of yourself a the buyer. Step out of the house and have a good look. Asking yourself do you like what you see? And what do you desire in a place? Try improving the look based on that. Spending money on visual features can increase the price at a double rate.

Connect with professionals
List out your Property on major real-estate portals like Housal. Online websites have tremendous reach. Get your ad online for an Apartment for sale. It will attract genuine buyers and good deals.

Do not depend on luck to get your Property sold. Plan comprehensively. The house may stay a little longer in the market. Keep your patience. Sometimes good things take time. You can always boost up your featured ad on Housal to remain on the top.

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Working From Home…..But Is Your Home Remote Work Ready?

Published Date : September 15, 2021 Uncategorized

COVID-19 had our economy completely depleted without a seconds notice, hundreds and thousands of institutions completely shut down, and anything that was previously planned has gotten cancelled. Along with this, the workplace setting has migrated to our homes. Working remotely has become our current best shot at financial survival as we are still a battle with this virus.

As Work From Home is the most prevalent concept of today, we have to ask ourselves…

Is My Home Remote Work Set-Up Ready?

Is your home office set at the right temperature? Do you have the right monitor screen size? Is the light bulb’s wattage the same or similar ones in your regular office? It is rare that we find ourselves asking these questions, but it is extremely important to mimic your otherwise regular workspace in order to find yourself motivated enough to work from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few must-have products that we have found have brought out a better level of productivity in at-home workers:

1. A table or desk that is of appropriate height. It is always important to have a strictly professional space that allows you to resonate with work, instead of home.

2.Sufficient lighting. It is important to be alert when working, and the lighting provides a sharp touch to aid with that,

3.A calendar can help you stay on top of everything you have to do, and allow you to organize your schedule.

4.A comfortable chair is always important when you’re going to be in one place for most of the day. Allowing yourself some comfort will lessen the negative connotation that may surround your work desk.

5.Filing cupboard or drawer and writing and other office supplies. It is important to stay on top of everything and make sure that all of your working needs are near you at all times in order to avoid getting distracted by other items in your home throughout the workday

Things You Will Need.

The most important aspect of work from home is Wi-Fi. It is the most unpleasant thing when you’re in the middle of a conference call or class when your connection fails, therefore missing out on important information and announcements. In order to assure your attendance and presence within the meeting, you must:

1.Locate the spot in your home with the best connection, and create your workspace within the vicinity of that area.

2.Invest in a WiFi extender or a mesh network to enhance your connectivity and range.

3.Explore backup connectivity options such as mobile data, or a better device, such as a mobile hotspot.

Another technical device that is used by many remote workers is a virtual private network. Also known as a VPN, the virtual private network is used an extra preventative and safety measure by workers that has proven to be useful.

Working at home may just be a blessing in disguise! As long as you keep up with a professional workspace and have everything in check, you’ll feel like you’re right back at the office!

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7 Happiest Places To Live In The Philippines

Published Date : August 20, 2021 Uncategorized

Looking for a new venture? A new place to live? Welcome to the Philippines! 

These 7 locations are up and coming cities with beautiful architectural aspects and amazing lifestyles! Here you will find fulfilling career ventures as well as beautifully structured homes.

First up, we have the beautiful and serene Baguio City.

  • Baguio is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines, and because of that, many choose to settle here.
  • Baguio boasts of the kind of weather the rest of the Philippines misses out on. On a typical day, you would find the busy city at a cool 18°C. 
  • It is known as the ‘City Of Pines’ and the country’s summer capital. 
  • Homes in Baguio are particularly popular in the Philippines for its strawberry fields, as well as a multitude of strawberry based treats such as Strawberry Taho (a local Filipino delicacy) and Strawberry Sorbetes.
  • With the tourist industry’s constant expansion, more and more real estate investors, firms, and other individuals wish to be included in the process and progress of the city.

Next up, we have the beautiful up and coming, Lipa City, Batangas.

  • Lipa City is located between Mount Malarayat and Mount Makulot, and is sat at an elevation of 1.025 ft. above sea level.
  • It is well known for its beautiful churches and heritage sites.
  • It is also extremely rich in culture and festivals. It hosts events such as the Lomi Festival, Walistik Festival, and Coffee Festival, to name a few
  • Lipa City is known as the “Little Rome of the Philippines” which alludes to the various religious structures within the city.
  • Lipa has an amazing array of job opportunities and business ventures as it is an up and coming city.

Iloilo City.

  • Iloilo City, which is located on the coast of Panay Island, is definitely not as well known or popular as cities in the Philippines such as Manila but it definitely gives off the same atmosphere! 
  • Iloilo allows you to experience the Philippines without the excessive pollution and massive crowds!
  • Iloilo is well-known for its surrounding nature and boasts about its clean air. 

 Ilonggos are very well known for their active lifestyle and love for athletics! It’s not rare to find free zumba classes and bike riding sessions in the City! 

  • Iloilo is developing at a rapid pace and by the day, is conforming to the beautiful modern “standards” while still hanging onto its small city charm! 
  • The city of Iloilo is seeing a boom in new jobs across many industries, thanks to an inflow of foreign investments, a wave of infrastructure projects, and wise governmental policies that have promoted sustained growth over the past few decades.

Cebu City.

  • Considering a move to Cebu? Us too! From the fun city life to the amazing cuisine, it’s all you could ever want in a hometown! 
  • Cebu is widely known for its affordable lifestyle and beautiful beaches! 
  • The city is also known for its rich cultural and historical heritage. The renowned Magellan’s Cross, the Sto. Nio Church, Magellan’s Shrine, and Fort San Pedro are all historical monuments worth seeing. The country’s oldest and shortest national roadway, Colon Street, is likewise a major tourist attraction.
  • Cebu offers you the best of both worlds, with a great blend of metropolitan possibilities and rural living. Furthermore, the inhabitants are pleasant and welcoming.
  • Because Cebu is quite small in size, there’s always room for adventure. Taking a 30 minute drive away from the center can bring you to another beach, a cliff diving area, or even another city-like town.

Davao City.

  • Davao City truly presents its locals with the best of both worlds. It has an amazing and bustling city life but is also very much in line with the beautiful natures surrounding the area. 
  • Davao is widely known as the economic hub of Mindanao as it is the third most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines and is one of the most progressive cities in Mindanao.
  • Because there is so much more land available in Davao, property prices are significantly lower than in Metro Manila. 
  • Daily living expenditures, such as food and transportation, are also more inexpensive, which may be a significant benefit for those trying to maximize their earnings. Even without renouncing some pleasures and leisure activities, the peso can go a long way in this country.

Makati City

  • Makati City is extremely well known in the Philippines for its busy social life. From weekend markets to beautiful galas, Makati has got it all!
  • In Makati you will find a huge array of amazing schools and institutions that will lead you through and toward a better future! 
  • Makati City is a top business hub! Discovering small businesses, entrepreneurs, and founding corporations is quite the norm here. The business pool is quite large and ever growing, so don’t worry about looking for a job here! 
  • The vibrant culture in music, art, and so much more is very much present in Makati. Many world-renowned acts have had their fair share of performances in Makati, and the museums are absolutely rich and extremely interesting. 
  • Makati is home to the Philippines’ most forward-thinking commercial and economic area. It is the country’s richest city.

BGC (Bonifacio Global City)

  • Bonifacio Global City is well known for its ‘work ethic’. With the amount of job ventures and opportunities, it’s definitely a smart move to begin your career path here. 
  • BGC is a busy city to say the least. It is the home of passionate minds, as many say, and the lifestyle is an exciting one to keep up with. 
  • Into athletics? BGC provides you well-lit streets for late night jogs, and a massive array of fun classes and leisure activities. 
  • BGC is an ever growing city, so there will always be something new on the rise. 
  • In BGC you’ll find amazing schools and institutions! 
  • BGC is perfect for short getaways during the week. It has many little nooks and cafes around the area, and is not very far from surrounding cities. 

The Philippines is abundant in beautiful and amazing locations that would be perfect for you! You just gotta look for your happy home in Housal’s large database of beautiful homes. At Housal, you’ll have the opportunity of a lifetime in finding your new home. 

Lets keep the Happy Quotient high, always!

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Purchasing a property for sale

Published Date : June 26, 2018 Buying Tips Community Guide Financing Property Recommendations Real Estate 101

Whether you are an OFW or a local employee, one of the best decisions that you can do with your money is to invest it in a property. You almost can’t go wrong with a lot for sale in Metro Manila that you can later develop or simply sell for a profit. You just need to take a few points into consideration:

  1. It costs less.

If you have a limited budget but want to get started on acquiring a property right away, you can purchase a lot for sale in Metro Manila. It costs less than purchasing a house and lot. You can then save up and construct your dream home later. This makes sense especially if you are an OFW and won’t be coming home anytime soon. You can get a lot for sale in Metro Manila and then build your house when you are ready to go back to the Philippines for good.

  1. It’s easier to maintain.

A lot for sale in Metro Manila involves less maintenance compared to a house and lot property. When you buy a house, the structure requires upkeep or it will degrade over time. When you buy an empty lot, all you need to do is trim the grass and clean it from time to time.

  1. It gives you more flexibility.

Can’t find a ready-made house and lot that suits your needs? You can buy an empty lot and have total control over the design of your home later on. You can decide to have a small house with a big yard or build on every square inch of your land—it’s up to you.

  1. It will appreciate over time.

Lots tend to appreciate over time and can reach two to three times their original value if the area is developed by private real estate companies or by the local government. You can still choose to build your house on the land, or you can sell it for a profit.

Investing in a lot for sale in Manila is advantageous for you in any case. You only need to find the right real estate specialists to guide you. Housal gives you the perfect platform to connect to real estate professionals and get the perfect guidance.

About the Author:

This article is written by Aakanksha Sangtani, working as an International Business Analyst at Housal Inc., is an online platform for real estate, addresses the unfulfilled needs by harnessing technology and bringing all-related solutions under one roof. For buyers, tenants, sellers, brokers, agencies or developers, it encompasses all their answers from property matching, listings, management, analytics and much more. Housal Inc. is the evolution of the real estate process – empowering the real estate industry for the future.


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5 Tips to Find the Best House and Lot for Sale in Makati

Published Date : March 30, 2018 Real Estate 101


Accessibility is one of the major reasons why many Filipinos prefer to buy house and lot for sale in Makati. This area has everything that a modern and thriving financial district is expected to offer, such as shopping malls, world-class hospitals, and good universities. Are you looking for a permanent place to live in Makati? Then these tips are for you:

1. Set a realistic budget.

The first thing that you should do is to identify your financial capabilities. How much money have you saved up and how much can you borrow from a lender? Do some ‘loan shopping’ by talking to your bank and government institutions and carefully compare their terms and interests. Make sure that the monthly payments don’t exceed 30% of your income.

2. Identify the type of home that fits your lifestyle.

Once you are confident that you can afford a house and lot for sale in Makati, you can now start identifying the type of home that fits your requirements. List down important amenities and features that you need, such as the number of bedrooms or a big front yard. Don’t forget to define the size of the house, the number of floors, as well as the type of community you want to live in. This would help you search for your ideal home faster.

3. Search through online property listings.

Online property listings generally make property hunting convenient, but not all of them are created the same. To access a wider selection, use reliable real estate portals. These sites ensure that all properties are legal by partnering only with trusted real estate developers.

4. Read up on the developer.

It is easier to secure financing from a lender when you buy properties from top or well-established developers because of their successful track record. So, before closing a deal with a developer, research about their previous projects and milestones.

5. Negotiate smartly.

Good negotiation skills are necessary when buying from an individual seller or a previous owner. Ask the sellers why they are putting the house on sale. For example: if the reason for selling is that they are moving out of the country, it would imply that they want to close the deal fast. They are probably more inclined to accept a bid lower than their current offer.

With these tips you can definitely achieve your dream house and lot for sale in Makati.

About the Author:

This article is written by Aakanksha Sangtani, working as an International Business Analyst at Housal Inc.,  an online platform for real estate, addresses unfulfilled needs by harnessing technology and bringing all-related solutions under one roof. For buyers, tenants, sellers, brokers, agencies or developers, it encompasses all their answers from property matching, listings, management, analytics and much more. Housal Inc. is the evolution of the real estate process – empowering the real estate industry for the future.

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Tips When Finding House for Sale in Makati, Philippines

Published Date : January 23, 2018 Real Estate 101


Makati has always been one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines. It has a thriving economy, access to education, world-class hospitals, and of course, beautiful residential houses. These are just some of the many reasons why you might want to move here. Indeed, this city offers comfortable and convenient urban living for families, couples, and even retirees who want to enjoy the many perks of city living.

Are you ready to find house for sale in Makati, Philippines? Whether you want to buy a luxury home in a gated residential area or a mid-priced condo in the fringes of the business district, you will find these tips useful:

Be ready to invest time and money

House hunting in Makati is not easy especially if you have very unique requirements or if your budget is limited. More often than not, you have to visit many prospective houses before you find the right one. Start online where you can look at pictures, prices, and even go on virtual tours. Make a shortlist and then call the agent representative of each property. It is important to visit the home yourself so you can check its quality. Do a walk-through to get a feel for the space.

Know what you want

Define what’s truly important to you—whether that’s the overall layout of the house, the interior design, or a specific amenity. This will make your search specific and faster. Of course, you should not forget to filter your choices according to important requirements such as size and location, too.

Look online

Some owners and agents in the Philippines post listings online through their social media accounts. However, if you want to make your search more efficient and ensure that you are getting into a legitimate deal, then it’s better to look at reliable real estate portals. These websites have helpful tools that allow you to see properties for sale as well as recommendations according to your preference.

With these tips, you can now find the home that you have always aspired to own and live in.

About the Author:

This article is written by Aakanksha Sangtani, working as an International Business Analyst at Housal Inc.,  an online platform for real estate, addresses unfulfilled needs by harnessing technology and bringing all-related solutions under one roof. For buyers, tenants, sellers, brokers, agencies or developers, it encompasses all their answers from property matching, listings, management, analytics and much more. Housal Inc. is the evolution of the real estate process – empowering the real estate industry for the future.

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