What Your Real Estate Agent Won’t Tell You

Published Date : February 3, 2022 Article Buying Tips Community Guide Investment Tips

Agents don’t always tell their clients everything they know. As much as they may try to assist you in the homebuying process, they may prefer to keep their secrets to themselves. Some secrets that your real estate agent would not tell you may save you money and assist in selling your house more quickly. When it comes to real estate, information is power.

So, here are a few things your real estate agent might not tell you.

You Can Negotiate the Real Estate Agent’s Commission.

Even though an agent will tell you that the majority of their clients pay at a specific percentage, this number is totally changeable. The internet has made the job of a real estate agent easier than ever before because buyers are more accessible than before.

In addition, you should take into account the price range of the property you’re selling. There is no difference in the amount of work required to sell a Php 1,500,000 house or a Php 15,000,000 million house. Still, the agent’s compensation is significantly more. Think about that when you’re in the middle of talks.

A Home May be Able to Sell Itself.

If your property is well-presented, you may be able to bargain an agent’s commission, as you just learned because most properties sell themselves when they are well-presented. Agents aren’t armed with any specific methods for persuading people to buy a home. Buyers are more likely to buy properties they like and can afford. Your home will sell quickly and easily if you present it correctly.

You Compete with Other Properties Sold by your Real Estate Agent

Your real estate agent isn’t only out to make a buck off of you. Assume they have a possible buyer interested in your property, but he or she isn’t quite ready to make a buying decision. As an alternative to this, if they believe a different property will be easier for them to sell, they may direct them to that one.

Endowment Effect

When it’s time to put your house on the market, you may have an exaggerated sense of its value. Overestimating the worth of your house can be the result of a mismatch between your expectations and what’s actually happening in the market. Before putting it on the market, be sure to look at your house from a potential buyer’s perspective. You can’t change everything that is lowering the value of your property. Still, you can modify things that might discourage purchasers and lower the value of your home. With these issues addressed, you may impact the price a buyer is willing to pay for your property, increasing its worth to them.

Some agencies will not take the listing if you ask for more than the market can sustain. On the other hand, other agents are less picky, despite the fact that overpricing can hurt the seller by increasing the time the house is on the market.

You are Not Being Judged by Your Agent

A professional real estate agent’s mental assessment of your aging or dilapidated home may be a frightening thought. If you feel that your present real estate agent is analyzing your decor or making more judgmental remarks than helpful, don’t be afraid to switch agents. You’re paying them, so; you should not feel that way. However, most likely, they are just evaluating than negatively judging them.

You’ll be Disadvantaged if Your House is Unfurnished

Emptying a house to make it more appealing to buyers is a common misperception, but it has the opposite effect. It is difficult for people to picture the layout of their homes, so they will offer less than if they can imagine their homes with a kitchen table here and a bed and sofas there. According to the Appraisal Institute, unfurnished homes sell for 6 percent less than furnished homes and stay on the market for a more extended period.

All That Matters Is the Staging

This is a follow-up to the previous subject. Remember that prospective buyers and renters will appreciate it if your property isn’t completely deserted, but that doesn’t imply it should be crammed with your belongings. You may need a skilled stager who knows how to fix problems like bad lighting or simply make the property more appealing. Some of the best home staging recommendations are de-cluttering, cleaning or replacing appliances, removing personal objects like photos, and removing odors.

Tip: Make sure it’s well-priced and tastefully presented.

Make Your Property Move-in Ready

It’s critical to find a house that’s ready for immediate occupancy. If your property is in need of repairs and you can afford to do it, it will drastically minimize the time it is on the market and improve the eventual selling price. Some buyers are willing to take on a home remodeling project and consider a home that isn’t in move-in condition but beware. Those buyers also tend to low-ball the asking price.

Do your Own Research!

Most real estate agents won’t tell you this, but it’s critical to know. You’ll never hear anyone say that the current market conditions make it a bad time to buy. They’ll never tell you that now is a horrible time to sell your property. They’ll never do it.

What’s the most fantastic way to find out more? Do your own DUE DILIGENCE! Once again, the key to success is gaining as much information as possible.

The next step is to put what you’ve learned into practice. Do you have a strong interest in the real estate market?  Before making a decision, look around on real estate websites online to see what’s available. Get access to the largest and fastest network of real estate operations and start taking action now

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9 Mistakes Made by Novice Real Estate Investors

Published Date : Article Buying Tips Community Guide Housing tips Investment Tips Real Estate 101

We see a lot of rookie investors fall into the same traps. Yes, mistakes happen, especially when you are a beginner, which is nothing to be embarrassed about. Of course, buying and selling houses is a legitimate means of generating an income. It does, however, require knowledge, willpower, and persistence. To help you avoid making the same mistakes, we’ve put together a list of nine common mistakes that new investors make.

  1. Not Enough Knowledge

We all know that you can make money by investing in real estate. However, it takes knowledge, not just capital, to make money in this business. When the market is hot and you have the cash, it’s difficult to resist going on a buying spree. You must know your plans before applying for a mortgage or paying cash. When it comes to investing, especially in real estate, remember that due diligence is a must. Before purchasing the property you want, conduct some research on the neighborhood, and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions.

  1. Know It All

Many investors assume they know everything there is to know about real estate and can close a deal by themselves. While you may have completed several successful transactions in the past, the process may not go as smoothly in a down market—and there is no one to turn to if you want to rescue a bad real estate deal.

Real estate investors should take advantage of all available resources and make relationships with experts who can help them make the best possible purchase. A knowledgeable real estate agent, a licensed home inspector, a carpenter, a qualified attorney, and an insurance representative should all be on your contact list.

  1. Not Taking Action

If you’ve obtained a solid education from a reputable source, the next step is to act. Knowledge is only valuable when it is put to good use. Buying a variety of real estate investing materials or attending webinars of a YouTube guru won’t help you make money. Some beginners fail to take action because they are still looking for that magical secret that will cause deals to start falling from the sky. Whatever the cause, failure is a clear signal if you do not take continuous action. Initial failure, in my opinion, is the universe’s way of forcing us to ensure that we truly want what we’re pursuing. Persistence, in the end, is what leads to success. And the more we stick with it, the closer we come to our goal. Like Pablo Picasso said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.

  1. Unrealistic Expectations

Most rookies, not just real estate investors, have unrealistic expectations. It could be about the number of repairs a property requires, the length of time it takes to finish a job, or the profit they expect from a transaction. If they’re landlords, they may underestimate the amount of maintenance property needs or forget to factor in vacancies. While getting an education plays a significant role in these mistakes, another reason is that they did not leave enough room for error. They assumed that everything would work according to plan. Real estate transactions rarely go according to plan. Experienced investors recognize the value of expecting the unexpected. So when things don’t go according to plan, it’s not the end of the world.

  1. Not Thinking Like a Businessman

You must purchase real estate with the purpose of profiting. A lot of folks bought a house without any criteria in mind. They simply assumed that you’re an investor and will make money immediately if you buy a house and rent it out. Whether a rookie investor intends to flip or own rentals, they often mistakenly believe that real estate ownership will be easier than it is. While the return potential of real estate is typically far higher than that of other financial assets such as stocks, it does demand more effort than other passive investments. In this way, it’s more like a business than an investment. You must, for example, be disciplined in your business. Policies and procedures must be established and followed. You must set goals and do everything in your power to achieve them. Remember, when you own a business, you are in charge. To achieve this, you must be willing to make sacrifices. It could mean that instead of going out with friends on Saturdays, you surf real estate websites, look at pre-selling condos in Manila, and get to know your target communities.

  1. Being Impatient

Newbie investors may find it challenging to observe favorable outcomes when first starting out. You can’t expect to find deals and make money right away. Investors in real estate should anticipate waiting a few months for their initial transaction to close. Furthermore, turning your real estate business into a profitable venture can take years. There aren’t many companies that become successful right away, regardless of their type. Most businesses need several years to reach a point where they can produce stable and consistent revenues. Owning a business can be a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding. However, keep in mind that the early years can be uncertain. As a result, if you want things to take off, you’ll need a lot of patience.

  1. Ignoring the Soft Cost

When examining a business, many novice investors overlook “soft costs.” Closing costs, agency fees, licenses, and carrying costs while holding the asset are frequently underestimated, but they provide a hard but valuable learning experience.

  1. Fixing up a Property for Your Liking

Don’t look at the property and say, “Granite tiles would look good on this.” “I would love to put wooden floors and etc.” You always fix a property to market standards in the real estate game. Or, to put it another way, what are the other properties in the neighborhood like, and how are they selling in the market you’re in? Remember the previous tip. Treat it as a business.

  1. No Plans

Before getting a mortgage, you need to decide on an investment plan. What type of property are you looking for, for example, a condominium for sale or townhouse for sale? Make a purchase strategy, and then look for properties that meet that goal. Plan your clear exit strategy. Let’s say your project is to buy and sell houses, and your goal is to exit in a few months. If it’s a buy and hold, you should ask yourself, how long? If you don’t fully understand your plan, it’s only a sign that you’re approaching things incorrectly. You’re buying it in the hopes that it’ll all work out in the end. Always be aware of what you’re doing and how you’ll get out.

Everyone would be investing in real estate if it were simple. If you’re just starting out in real estate investing, you probably have a lot of questions like where to start and find the best property deals. Check out a trusted online portal for the Widest Range of Property Listings under One Roof & on One Portal. Start searching, and who knows? This may be the beginning of your real estate investing career.

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The Top 5 Key Benefits of Purchasing and Owning Investment Real Estate

Published Date : Article Buying house Buying Property Buying Tips Community Guide Housing tips


Maybe you have heard that real estate is and has been the go-to investment for building wealth. Investing in real estate has a lot of benefits, but in this blog, for you not to spend so much time, we will focus on only 5 key benefits. By the end of this blog, you should have a clear understanding of how real estate creates wealth and why the rich always have a portion of their portfolio invested in land and buildings.

Consistent Cash Flow

One of the key reasons why individuals invest in real estate is for this reason. Despite the recent volatility of various assets, real estate continues to be a favored option for investors seeking long-term gains. Rental properties, in particular, can provide a steady source of revenue for real estate owners. Real estate ownership can help you increase your monthly income. Whether you invest in commercial or residential real estate, you may rent out your space to tenants. Then you’ll get a monthly payment, either in the form of rent checks or cash.

Long-Term Protection

Most of us know that real estate is a long-term investment, which means you may keep it for a long time while waiting for it to appreciate in value. At the same time, you can rent out your property and earn monthly income while you wait for the value of your property to increase. Although real estate is not as liquid as the stock market, it provides long-term cash flow and the potential for gain.

Passive Income

This is probably the favorite point of real estate investors. Condo for Rent in BGC or Makati that is now rented out, and from that one rental fee, you can live comfortably for the rest of your life. Yes, you read that right. Some people are living from their rental property income. Quality real estate will always be in demand. People are prepared to pay high rents since the alternative is to spend up to a couple of hours every day in transit, depending on where you live in the city. If you ask what a passive income is, passive income is something like the rent cheques that come in every month. Let’s imagine you own a rental property that is either single-family or multifamily. Passive income is something like the rent cheques that come in every month. You don’t have to work every day for your investment properties, which provides much-needed passive income.

Hedge Against Inflation

Real estate investments are thought to be inflation-protective. When the cost of products and services rises, so does the value of homes and rentals. Moreover, investment properties can give you increased monthly income and appreciation, helping to protect your finances while the cost of everything else rises. The real estate market has historically outperformed expectations regarding store of value and return. Property values rarely drop, making real estate one of the safest investments one can make. Even then, it’ll only be for a short time. Unlike the money in your bank like Philippine Peso, which loses value every time more money is created, you can rest assured that the value of your property will not depreciate when additional structures are built.

Self Fulfillment and Freedom

As many people say, it’s not all about money. Other non-financial advantages come with owning real estate investments. Many investors find it satisfying to have the freedom to be their boss when they own investment real estate. Besides that, you can also make a difference in your neighborhood by renting out homes or bringing businesses to commercial sites that will give much-needed help to the community.

These are just some of the key benefits of owning real estate as an investment. If you are reading this and want to Get the Best Property Deal, browse through trusted online websites. Widest Range of Property Listings under One Roof & on One Portal.


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What to do with your Condo?

Published Date : November 10, 2021 Buying Tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101


Buying a condo is not just a purchase but a capital investment. It can be a considerable expense, but it will give you greater returns. If you are here for the first time and still wondering why you should buy a condo, then you can sign-up at Housal. All your doubts will be made clear. 

If you already own a condo and want to explore more ways to use it, Voilà! You’ve hit the right spot. These are some brilliant ideas that may help you with your crucial question ‘What to do with your Condo?’


  • The obvious choice will be to live in it. Condo comes with ownership, providing you the luxurious life you’ve always wanted. It offers you freedom from doing all the maintenance work. The homeowners share significant expenses, which makes it very much affordable to you. Savvy decision-makers can contact Housal for information about the Condominium for sale.


  • It’s time to get some small proportions of income out of your investment. Suppose you have more than one house to yourself and want to keep the ownership and the profits incoming—no need to leave your Condo idle. Rent it out and earn with it. Housal can assist you with listing your Condo for rent.


  • Some people are constantly seeking significant opportunities to produce a more extensive amount of profit. You can sell and buy, keeping up good margins for yourself. Housal owns the expertise and can help you get the most profitable deals possible. Check out these Condos for sale.


  • Condos can be used as an ideal home for retirement. It requires less maintenance and comes with a handful of amenities.


  • Connect with Housal and forget all your worries about your Condo. Our team has experience in buying, selling, and renting out properties. We are here to assist you in greater collaboration, thereby providing better value for all related stakeholders and potential clients.


Waiting is the highest interest rate, so why wait? Sign-up now and get your ad online with Housal to list your Condo for rent or Condo for Sale.

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Here’s a Guide for Selling Homes Stress-Free!

Published Date : November 8, 2021 Real Estate 101 Selling tips

Selling a home may be turbulent, but there are many things you can do to reduce the amount of stress you experience. Like most things, one of the best ways to reduce stress in your home sale is to prepare as much as possible. Today, we share our top stress reduction tips for retailers. Include these tips to keep your mind healthy, and your home sales will go smoothly.


List Properties

When you write a location, you are creating an ad for your house. This list should include details such as:

  • Size of the home 
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms 
  • The square image of the house 
  • The size of the floor
  • Any other essential information which is unique to your area.

When you write a location, you will need to list your initial query number. This initial inquiry price is usually not far from the value of the property tested. Valuable features checked for home location, building size, building condition, or any updates such as renovations or additions. Also, the price should be in the middle of the buyer’s market or the seller’s market when you sell it. If it is a seller’s market, you can stay focused on the price you are asking for because the value of the goods available is less than the number of buyers who want to buy the property. The buyer market is the opposite; too many offers and too many buyers, so the seller may need to lower their prices to offer a few more requests.

The best platform where you can list your property is Housal. Boost your Listings on Housal to sell them; it offers Fast -Featured Listings, Social Media Promotions, etc. You can list your house for sale, Apartment for sale, Condo for sale, Townhouse for sale, RFO condo for sale, and any other real estate.


Always be flexible

You may have an estimation about how long it will take to sell your home. If it starts to take longer than you expected, the stress will increase. Remember that there are a lot of variables to play — location, price, market — and prepare yourself for disappointment when you set your mind on a very tight deadline. Immediate home sales are rare, so it is best to limit your expectations and stay flexible as the process progresses.


Be Positive

To reduce stress, the first thing you need to do is avoid becoming overwhelmed by anything. Try to use your positive attitude and thoughts about the sale of your house. Your thinking ability ultimately plays a significant role in your home sales experience. If you express positivity, you will probably avoid negative thoughts as well.

Another critical aspect of staying positive is to be well-prepared for any shortcomings you may have. Considering all the work you need to do and the financial statistics available, it is hard not to feel overwhelmed.


Be ready for home inspection

When advertising your home, you should also arrange for potential buyers to come and see or inspect your home. This is a necessary process and will require you to divide the house to make it more visible. In doing so, you should create a checklist of things to do and what you can show potential customers when they come in. Make sure everything is looking good for the buyer to make the sale easier.

In addition to looking at all of the above tips and more, you should always be optimistic about the whole marketing process.


To make your home selling process absolutely stress-free, connect with Housal.


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Tips for first time home seller.

Published Date : November 5, 2021 Buying Tips Community Guide Financing Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 renting house


Selling a house can be surprisingly time-consuming. The selling idea gets followed by the confusion of where to start. The seller needs to know the various aspects associated with it. You are preparing yourself for the criticism about your place by strangers, inspecting every corner, and judging. For you, it’s more than just four walls and a roof, and letting that go can be challenging. But you have to keep that aside and focus on displaying your Property efficiently and getting the best possible deals. A collaboration with Housal will feature your interest in an Apartment for sale, making it sell in no time.

Here is how you can grab attention by making your house stand out.

Set aside emotions
Ever since the first thought of selling a home hit, it’s causing an uneasy feeling. Dealing with a property is a professional’s job, so you better keep yourself that way. Emotions must have to be off the table. Think of yourself as a businessman and focus on how you can make it the best deal of your life.

Make changes and repairs
Hiding the damages is not a good idea. The buyer will go through every corner observing small details. It will be best if you make repairs to fix those damages. You can also add to the value of your Property by making few changes. Adding on decorative items can elevate the look of the house, making it more likable.

Staging and display
Making repairs isn’t enough. To make your house stand out, you have to display it skillfully. Painting the walls new can enhance the ambiance and make your home look younger. Make sure there should be proper lighting so that buyers can have a clear view.
The exterior is as vital as the interior. The look from the outside will decide the urge of the buyer to go in. The outside must look clean as well. If you have any garden area, ensure trimming of grass and a lovely display of flowers. Looks matter.

Scrutinize Property from the buyer’s view
Try to put yourself in their shoes and think of yourself a the buyer. Step out of the house and have a good look. Asking yourself do you like what you see? And what do you desire in a place? Try improving the look based on that. Spending money on visual features can increase the price at a double rate.

Connect with professionals
List out your Property on major real-estate portals like Housal. Online websites have tremendous reach. Get your ad online for an Apartment for sale. It will attract genuine buyers and good deals.

Do not depend on luck to get your Property sold. Plan comprehensively. The house may stay a little longer in the market. Keep your patience. Sometimes good things take time. You can always boost up your featured ad on Housal to remain on the top.

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Make Your Investment Worth by Purchasing Property for Sale in Cebu

Published Date : June 28, 2018 Buying Tips Financing Industry News Property Recommendations Real Estate 101

Diversifying your investment portfolio is a key to making it big in the real estate business. Buying a property for sale in Cebu can be a good move if you want to own something outside Manila.

Cebu’s thriving economy means a bustling real estate market. You can take advantage of a lot of opportunities in the second largest region in the Philippines. Check out a property for sale in Cebu that will give you the highest returns on your investment. From condos to luxury lots in gated subdivisions complete with majestic views, there is something for every investment goal and budget.

According to Colliers International, there has been a constant increase in the number of people who buy residential units in Cebu since the start of 2016. Condominium properties continue to be built, and more properties are becoming available in the coming years in anticipation of the continued real estate boom.

Beachfront properties remain extremely popular. After all, Cebu is known for its beautiful beaches and warm waters. You can buy a beachfront property for sale in Cebu to build a resort on it. Another option is to make minimum improvements on the land and sell it to the highest bidder for a profit. You can also simply hold on to the property wait for the best time to resell it at a much higher price.

There are also plenty of opportunities in the Cebu main business district. As you go nearer to the main financial arteries, prices go higher, too. Make sure to evaluate the surrounding environment and check the average cost of land per unit area. You should also assess the pricing of permits, real estate taxes, and potential tenants or buyers for the particular house or condo that you want to invest in.

About the Author:

This article is written by Aakanksha Sangtani, working as an International Business Analyst at Housal Inc., is an online platform for real estate, addresses the unfulfilled needs by harnessing technology and bringing all-related solutions under one roof. For buyers, tenants, sellers, brokers, agencies or developers, it encompasses all their answers from property matching, listings, management, analytics and much more. Housal Inc. is the evolution of the real estate process – empowering the real estate industry for the future.

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Make Smart Investments by Investing in Real Estate in Cebu, Philippines

Published Date : June 21, 2018 Buying Tips Financing Property Recommendations Real Estate 101

If you are seeking to expand your property portfolio, it may be a time to buy real estate in Cebu Philippines. The thriving city of Cebu has a boosting economy that offers many opportunities for the investors. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and companies are diversifying their assets and starting to invest in Cebu—and this time you too can.

Land stock

According to Colliers, Metro Cebu’s stock has increased to 1 million square meters of leasable space. This rating is more than the current supply available in Cebu, which is 465,000 square meters. There is a need for investors to provide quality real estate in Cebu Philippines for businesses and companies.

Demand for plants and factories outside Manila

More companies are looking to build their plants, manufacturing sites, and factories outside Manila. The cost per unit area is more affordable in Cebu, making it a good option. The city’s traffic situation isn’t as bad as that of Manila, either. You can purchase your own real estate in Cebu Philippines for your own company, or you can provide leasable properties to numerous companies seeking a more cost-effective way to manage their finances and expand their market.

Increased infrastructure

Cebu has continued to build its local economy, creating the infrastructure that is necessary to make it easier for businesses and residents to travel to and from Cebu. One of the projects that will soon start is the Metro Cebu expressway. It consists of three segments. There will be roads that connect Talisay to Cebu and Mandaue City. The next road is the Consolation connection to Lilioan then to Compostela and Danao City. The last one is an expressway from Naga City to Minglanilla.

Another project in the pipeline is the Bus Rapid Transit System, which will provide a more convenient and faster way for residents to commute and travel. It is a 23-kilometer project that will pass through Barangay Bulacao to Talamban village. It is expected to make public transportation to the central business districts more efficient and effective.

Start early and anticipate the progress of the economy by getting a piece of real estate in Cebu, Philippines. Choose properties that will greatly increase in value over the next years.

About the Author:

This article is written by Aakanksha Sangtani, working as an International Business Analyst at Housal Inc., is an online platform for real estate, addresses the unfulfilled needs by harnessing technology and bringing all-related solutions under one roof. For buyers, tenants, sellers, brokers, agencies or developers, it encompasses all their answers from property matching, listings, management, analytics and much more. Housal Inc. is the evolution of the real estate process – empowering the real estate industry for the future.

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Tips to Know Before Investing in the Real Estate in Cebu Philippines

Published Date : May 30, 2018 Buying Tips Financing Property Recommendations Real Estate 101

Are you pondering on buying a piece of real estate in Cebu Philippines? You are making a sound decision—after all, Cebu is one of the fastest-growing provinces in the country and is the business capital of the Visayas region. It can be profitable to invest in a property in this province if you know what you’re doing. Keep these tips in mind if you want to buy real estate in Cebu Philippines.

  1. Browse online real estate platforms for property listings

The easiest and quickest way to see available real estate in Cebu Philippines is to check out properties listed on reliable online property portals. This will quickly show you your options and give you a clear idea of the choices and price points available. You can also compare different properties and see which one is the best suited to your budget and requirements.

  1. If you are a foreigner, find out what properties you are allowed to buy

Philippines laws do not allow foreigners to buy land in the Philippines. But don’t worry—non-Filipinos still have several options. One, you can just lease a public or private land for 25 years (renewable for another 25 years). You can also buy landed property through a Filipino spouse or a legal trustee. The third way to buy property in Cebu is to form a corporation with 40% capital coming from you and 60% coming from a Filipino.

You can also simply buy a condo. Foreigners are allowed to buy condos in the Philippines because these types of real estate properties do not involve land.

  1. If you want to buy a beach property, note that the shoreline is owned by the government.

Cebu’s beaches are some of the best beaches in the world but do note that you only own the property that you are buying—not the shoreline. You will need to get a Foreshore Lease from the government if you want control over the beach from the high tide mark to the low tide.

About the Author:

This article is written by Aakanksha Sangtani, working as an Executive Assistant at Housal Inc., an online platform for real estate, addresses the unfulfilled needs by harnessing technology and bringing all-related solutions under one roof. For buyers, tenants, sellers, brokers, agencies or developers, it encompasses all their answers from property matching, listings, management, analytics and much more. Housal Inc. is the evolution of the real estate process – empowering the real estate industry for the future.

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Tips to Know Before Buying an Apartment in Manila Philippines

Published Date : May 29, 2018 Buying Tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101

There are a lot of things to consider before you buy an apartment in Manila. You need to do your research to be able to get the best deal for your money. Before you make any rash decisions, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t just look at the price

First-time buyers of real estate are usually tempted to buy apartments in Manila that have relatively low prices. But they fail to look at the other aspects of living in that area of the city. A budget is definitely important when searching for a property to invest in, but it should not be the only basis for your decision.

  1. Check out the neighborhood

Think about your daily routines and your overall lifestyle, requirements and look for the nearest market or mall, when you buy an apartment in Manila. You should think about the schools in the vicinity if you have kids. Is your place within a few minutes hospitals and other amenities? If you want to rent out the apartment to tenants, think about what their needs might be.

  1. Find out the age of the building

Any building has a specific lifespan. Before it reaches its limit, the owner must have done repairs and reinforcements to add more usable years to the structure. Ask the owner what major repairs have been done in the past few years. It is recommended that you get a report from inspection experts to determine if the property is still feasible.

  1. Look at the space and flow of the apartment

This is particularly important for families who have future plans to have more kids. You may need at least 2 to 3 rooms to accommodate everyone. You should also have enough space for kids to run around, play, and study.

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Purchasing a Foreclosed House and Lot in The Philippines – Get to know its Benefits

Published Date : May 28, 2018 Buying Tips Community Guide Financing Industry News Property Recommendations Real Estate 101

Are you considering a foreclosed house and lot in the Philippines to be your new home? Is it safe to live in a foreclosed property? Do you really get to save a lot of money by buying one? Buying a foreclosure and selling it for a higher price later can certainly be profitable if you know what you’re doing. Here are just some of the many benefits of doing so:

  • You can get a foreclosure at a lower-than-market price, in most bases. The bank that now owns the real estate will do everything it can to sell the property. It needs to earn off the house and lot. The bank may offer low down payments, long payment terms, lower interest rates and others.
  • You don’t have to worry about the title because it is sure to be clean. All the documents have been prepared by the bank that owns the property. This is one of the many benefits of buying a foreclosed house and lot in the Philippines.
  • Foreclosed properties are generally cheaper than brand new houses. You can save more when you buy this type of real estate as opposed to purchasing or building a new one. But you should see the actual property to check the needed repairs to be done and to determine the total cost that you will incur.
  • You are purchasing a ready-to-move-in home. Compared to new houses that don’t have electricity and water connections yet, these houses are usually already fitted for utilities.
  • Take advantage of lower mortgage payments. If you have set a budget for a new home but found a nicer and lower-priced deal for a foreclosed house and lot in the Philippines, then you will have lower monthly payments.
  • It provides an investment opportunity. If you want to get in on the real estate game, buying foreclosures is one of the best ways to start. Choose properties that need minimum repairs to earn more revenue.
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Planning Ahead Before You Buy A Commercial Lot for Sale in Manila

Published Date : May 24, 2018 Buying Tips Community Guide Financing Industry News Property Recommendations Real Estate 101

If you want to buy a commercial lot for sale in Manila then it’s always more prudent to work with a licensed realtor. This will ensure that everything is aboveboard and that you are investing on a legitimate property. Planning ahead is also important if you want to buy a commercial lot for sale in Manila.

Take time to study the trends

Buying a commercial property usually means spending tens or even hundreds of millions. Before you buy a land, be sure that you understand the local and national trends that may affect its future value. Go to the local city halls to see if there are any on-going plans to build malls, hospitals, and other amenities in the area. You may also ask the city planning if the lot that you wish to acquire will be affected by the government projects such as the construction of new trains and subway stations.

Analyze the risks.

You should not only focus on the benefits of buying the lot. You must also list all the risks of buying a commercial property for sale in Manila. How long before you see returns on your investment? How much will you allocate for the development of the land? Should you construct a building on your own, or just lease it out to tenants? Determine what businesses will thrive there.  A commercial lot is not just useful for retail shops or shopping malls. It can also be used for office buildings and even hotels. Look at the possible customers in the vicinity. Check out potential competition and see if it is really feasible to buy the commercial lot for sale in Manila. These are just some of the factors to think about when analyzing possible risks and opportunities.

Find the right financing

You need a reliable bank or financial lending institution if you are looking to take out a loan when buying a commercial lot for sale in Manila. Compare the interest rates, the payment terms, and other benefits that these organizations offer.

Investing profitably

Investing profitably takes a lot of consideration and the right investment expertise. Study and plan the investment market yourself or get consultation from specialists; Find what works for you and invest smartly for a bright future.

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