Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Rental House

Published Date : January 8, 2022 Community Guide Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 renting house

Renting a house has so many benefits, one of which is the opportunity to live in luxury. However, you must be worried that you have so few options to customize your room. Some homeowners have clear guidelines for painting a wall, and any attempt to paint the walls can lead to demolition. If you love colors and wonder how to have them in your rental, here are some creative ideas.

Paint Your Furniture

It looks funny, but painting your furniture is a new strategy to have your favorite colors inside your rental house. You can have all the furniture in a room with different colors, especially if you are a color lover. The advantage of painting your furniture is that you can always change it without consulting anyone, especially if you are bored with one color. However, you should be careful and avoid damaging your furniture by overdosing.

Wall Art

If you can’t draw, add art. Rental contracts usually do not allow the art to be hung with nails or screws on the wall. However, sticky products like Command threads or photo hangings are a good alternative. Hanging art can take many forms. While the best may be a single canvas, larger drawings can be put on the wall behind the sofa. Another option is to buy the same or similar frames to build a ‘gallery’ and fill them with pictures or prints.

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Colorful Curtains

If you are set on a color balance in the room, the fabric can take a loosening when the paint is not an option. No window required: Just adding draperies to a blank wall will give you the accent you want without the illuminated latex layers. It is noteworthy that not all leases allow for the addition of large wall hardware required for curtains, although it is worth asking.

Soft Fabrics and Bright Tones

Fabrics of various colors will be your best friends to decorate your old or dull apartment. Avoid traditional white and beige curtains – instead, choose a bright color or vibrant pattern.

The same goes for the bedroom. Choose a print or color that will make your bedroom a refreshing lounge or relaxing escape. If you want to feel calmer, search for a bed set with cool indigo, lavender, or sage. 

Colorful Accessories

No doubt you will need accessories in your home. Accessories allow you to add the color you need to your room. You can use accessories to add personality, design, and color, including but not limited to flowers, vases, plates, artwork, and pillows. They will give your room the unity it needs.

In addition, by decorating the walls with custom artwork and using beautiful fabrics to enhance the style element, you can have a custom home without touching a drop of paint. Place plants inside and around the house. They will make your apartment colorful and give you some fresh air.

What matters is balance and purpose. Stick with a few favorite colors and combine them using the brightness of those colors instead of pulling all the rainbow colors. Choose a few key elements to color and allow the others to blend in.

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