8 Space Maximizing Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Published Date : January 8, 2022 Article Community Guide Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 Renting condominium

A messy kitchen can sometimes be a nightmare. It should be a place where we can rest after a long day and cook nutritious food (or heat food in the refrigerator), rather than a place that feels uncomfortable and dirty. This is especially true for small kitchens.  So here are some kitchen maximization ideas that will show you how to use every square inch of your kitchen effectively.

  1. Store the Dishes in the Cutting Tray

You separate forks, knives, and spoons, so why not use your own cooking utensils? Store spoons, spatulas, and whisks in separate containers, so you do not have to dig the toolbar to get the right one.

  1. Hang on the Roof

If you have a small space in the cupboard, add storage with roofing rods. A shelf with copper pipes or a copper rod looks great and is perfect for hanging cups or step-stool to carry containers.

  1. Hang the Pegboard

Your walls can carry more than you think they can hold. Try pegboard instead of hanging a few shelves, adding a more flexible storage area that can be adjusted as per your changing needs.

  1. Add a Shelf Above Cabinets

If your cabinets and the roof have some space between them, that open space is the last resort. Use it to store things you don’t use daily, such as cake stands, frying pans, large stockpiles, or a pressure cooker.

  1. Pantry Cabinet in Closet

Moving some of your large or rare items out of the kitchen and putting them in a pantry can free up a lot of space. You may have extra room in the closet or hallway where pantry shelves can fit. The pantry can be as simple as adjustable shelves for wall standards or a built-in cabinet with many details.

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  1. Movable Kitchen Bar

To have the counter area, add a moving bar to your kitchen door. If you require more space, you can easily get it out of the way.

  1. Find Seats

A place that can serve as a dinner table and a preparation station is easy to have in a combined kitchen, but larger chairs or chairs can take up more space than needed. Choose reclining chairs that fit snugly under the counter and table so that they do not slip when not in use.

  1. Use Your Windows as Storage

You may never dream of blocking out any precious natural light, but you can hang your collection of pots and pans in front of his kitchen window. It will end up turning into a fun focal point for smart storage, too.


You can make your little kitchen feel more open and comfortable with thoughtful planning. Knowing storage will make your cooking life more manageable. Choosing a color scheme that reflects your kitchen furniture is essential in maintaining a welcoming atmosphere.

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Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Rental House

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Renting a house has so many benefits, one of which is the opportunity to live in luxury. However, you must be worried that you have so few options to customize your room. Some homeowners have clear guidelines for painting a wall, and any attempt to paint the walls can lead to demolition. If you love colors and wonder how to have them in your rental, here are some creative ideas.

Paint Your Furniture

It looks funny, but painting your furniture is a new strategy to have your favorite colors inside your rental house. You can have all the furniture in a room with different colors, especially if you are a color lover. The advantage of painting your furniture is that you can always change it without consulting anyone, especially if you are bored with one color. However, you should be careful and avoid damaging your furniture by overdosing.

Wall Art

If you can’t draw, add art. Rental contracts usually do not allow the art to be hung with nails or screws on the wall. However, sticky products like Command threads or photo hangings are a good alternative. Hanging art can take many forms. While the best may be a single canvas, larger drawings can be put on the wall behind the sofa. Another option is to buy the same or similar frames to build a ‘gallery’ and fill them with pictures or prints.

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Colorful Curtains

If you are set on a color balance in the room, the fabric can take a loosening when the paint is not an option. No window required: Just adding draperies to a blank wall will give you the accent you want without the illuminated latex layers. It is noteworthy that not all leases allow for the addition of large wall hardware required for curtains, although it is worth asking.

Soft Fabrics and Bright Tones

Fabrics of various colors will be your best friends to decorate your old or dull apartment. Avoid traditional white and beige curtains – instead, choose a bright color or vibrant pattern.

The same goes for the bedroom. Choose a print or color that will make your bedroom a refreshing lounge or relaxing escape. If you want to feel calmer, search for a bed set with cool indigo, lavender, or sage. 

Colorful Accessories

No doubt you will need accessories in your home. Accessories allow you to add the color you need to your room. You can use accessories to add personality, design, and color, including but not limited to flowers, vases, plates, artwork, and pillows. They will give your room the unity it needs.

In addition, by decorating the walls with custom artwork and using beautiful fabrics to enhance the style element, you can have a custom home without touching a drop of paint. Place plants inside and around the house. They will make your apartment colorful and give you some fresh air.

What matters is balance and purpose. Stick with a few favorite colors and combine them using the brightness of those colors instead of pulling all the rainbow colors. Choose a few key elements to color and allow the others to blend in.

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How to Organize Small Things in Your Home?

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Some people enjoy spending the afternoon arranging all the disorganized things in the home. Some would like to do anything realistically but, and understandably – not everyone. And while planning is not always the most enjoyable activity, there are a few house organization tips that will help keep your house neat.

Put Together Similar Things

One of the things that can make a big difference is the way you organize your space. Try to combine the same things and make sure you pull everything out of the section you are working on from wherever it lives in your house.

Label Everything

Start labeling once you have prepared an organizational project for the day. They complete the look of your space and make your system keep reminding you where everything is going.

Keep Things Where You Use Them

If something is used in the living room but kept in the other room, you will not use it often. Try to keep the things in the room they are used or required; this enables less cluttering.  


Arrange the kitchen in a way that expands your countertop and reduces hidden mess in cabinets. A clean and orderly kitchen can make the whole house feel clean and tidy, even if it isn’t.

Start with cabinets, unpack everything, decide how to organize your space correctly, and remove items that should not be stored in the kitchen—store small kitchen appliances that seek only occasional use. Remodel your pantry to work on food storage.

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Combine Toiletries and Bath Tools

Some bathrooms are small, and having few toiletries makes them congested. The shelf, cabinet, and countertop usually run out quickly.

If this is your situation, try sharing a bathroom caddy with everyone in the house, complete with all their makeup, toiletries, and grooming tools, and with their labeled names.


Most importantly, do not focus too much on the details. Your home does not have to be complicated every day. Having a lovely home is essential. Sometimes all your house needs is a good touch-up to look beautiful. In some cases, no matter how hard you try organizing, your house doesn’t seem to light up. In that case, you should consider renovating or moving somewhere else. 

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How to Make Your Rental House Pet-friendly?

Published Date : December 10, 2021 Article Buying Tips Community Guide Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 Renting condominium renting house

A house where your pets are welcome becomes home quickly. To have a pet-friendly place is a necessity for pet owners. To make sure you get a perfect place for you and your pooch, search at Housal. You may find various properties like House for sale, Townhouse for sale, Condo for rent. You can make sure in advance that the property allows pets or not.

Having a pet in your life is very satisfying. It teaches children to be more responsible. Animals give love and loyalty, sometimes better than other people. However, it can be understood why many property owners are reluctant to let an animal enter a building.

So, here are ways to help your homeowner accept your furry friend. 

The Health of Your Pet

Medical problems and damage can cause changes in animal behavior. For example, a sick dog may have difficulty communicating with other dogs or humans. They may also be unable to adjust to a new environment, leading to instability and reckless behavior when moving to a new home. If your pet is sick or has an incurable condition, check with your veterinarian first.

Pet Proofing

Buy flooring-proof and avoid carpet. Homeowners can buy a cheap option that they know they can change. When using carpet, choose a closed carpet, glue all the seams and glue the padding to the floor. This will help prevent unpleasant odors and stop risks from entering the padding.

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Prevent Your Pet From Stress

Speaking of accidents, they happen mostly when your pet is exposed to a lot of stress. Moving to a new place can be tough for your pet to cause anxiety. Take things in stride and try not to focus too much on the problem. They go through a lot on the go.

A Good Outdoor Time

If you want to relieve your pet’s anxiety, another effective way is to give it fresh air. Take them out. Exercise with them. If this does not work, you may find some toys to play with and perhaps leave the TV open to enjoy.


Understand why many housing communities reject pets. Try to think like a homeowner for a while. They may have bad experiences with careless pet owners. They may worry about neighbors’ complaints about barking dogs and wonder how they will deal with pet owners if problems arise. All of these concerns are legitimate. This is why people are looking for a place to live, a house, or a condominium for rent. They should tell themselves as responsible pet owners, committed to providing responsible pet care and being responsible neighbors.


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Debunked: 5 Common Myths About Renting

Published Date : December 9, 2021 Buying Property Buying Tips Community Guide Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 Renting condominium renting house

A large number of individuals and families are opting to rent – not as an alternative but as a choice. Whether you are a long-term tenant or are considering a first-time rental, it is helpful to understand what modern-day rental looks like. That way, you can deal with any questions or doubts you may have and decide if renting is the right decision for you.

Here are some ongoing myths about renting – and the truth behind them:

  1. You’re wasting money

Many people believe that paying rent is a waste of money. While you may not build equity in your home, you pay for accommodation, which is not a waste of money. We can ignore the importance of not paying home maintenance. Most renters include repair and maintenance services, and some even cover service costs.

In addition, buying a home may not be a wise financial decision for you right now. Maybe you live in an expensive area, or you do not have enough money saved to pay. Renting may be your least expensive option.

  1. Rentals Are Restricted

Renting is a very flexible living arrangement. Depending on the terms of your rental, you can rent an apartment monthly or for 18 months. It all depends on you. If you are planning about moving to a new city or are interested in moving to another office for work, owning a home can be very expensive. If you are moving to a different city or region, renting makes sense and can save you money.

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  1. The landlord is responsible for the maintenance

The obligations of the landlord vary depending on where you live and the terms of your rental. Usually, your host is busy handling such matters as routine care, noise complaints, plumbing problems, and pest control.

If the damage is caused due to the landlord’s negligence, the landlord may choose to repair the property and cover the cost of repairing it.

  1. It is difficult to get out of the rental place

Another common myth about renting is that it is difficult to get out of a rental. While it is unreasonable to sign a long-term lease when you know that life changes are yet to come. In case you have to move to another location, you need to break your lease.

  1. Homeowners can come and go as they please

Privacy can be a big concern when it comes to renting. Being the owners of the property, one might think that homeowners have the right to enter at any time. It’s not fair. While it is within their jurisdiction to inspect the property from time to time, most states require homeowners to give at least 24 hours’ notice before entering unless there is an emergency.

So, the next time well-intentioned friends or family members try to tell you that hiring is a bad idea, tell them that it is a myth — and you can get away with it.

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How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger?

Published Date : November 29, 2021 Article Buying Tips Housing tips Property Recommendations Real Estate 101 Renting condominium

If you live in a small house or apartment, balancing everything you need is difficult. Trying to manage everything and make it look good is an even bigger challenge, but it is what makes the design of a small space so much more fun. We are here with clever solutions to those obstacles. If you are living in a small studio or want to get the most out of a small living room, these small space design ideas will make it even bigger while maintaining style.


Use Light Color

It is about optical illusion. In the world of design, it is well known that the colors of light paint make a room look bigger and brighter. The bright walls make the space feel open and airy, which helps to maximize the effect of natural light. Darker shades often absorb light, making the rooms feel smaller. Emphasizing walls to make a room look bigger is another way to go. The accent walls add to the decorative space in color without being too strong.


Let it Shine

Any room will look great if it is well lit, be it natural light or artificial lighting. Get rid of heavy draperies and open windows to let outside light into space. Add extra lights or install track lights or recessed lights.


Pocket Doors

Pocket doors with glass windows allow shared light to flow throughout the space while also creating separation. And even better, they can be slipped on the wall when not in use, taking up very little space than sliding doors.



Any small space conversation needs to incorporate the idea of ​​using mirrors to create a great sense of openness. As they reflect light, they also reflect the vision, thus deceiving the eye into seeing more space.


Show Great Art

If you have a small room and want to hang a wall decoration, choose one large piece of art instead of a small wall gallery. If you really want a gallery wall with small pieces, place it on one wall on the larger walls of the room. And it’s okay to leave some walls blank to prevent the room from feeling messy and too big.



Less is more. Choosing a few large pieces over a collection of small items will make your space feel bigger and less congested. For instance, you can choose a sectional instead of a sofa and a set of chairs to enlarge a small living room.


These tips will be handy when you have just downsized to your new small home and are trying to make the most out of it. If you are still struggling to find a new place, here are some properties like apartments for sale, houses for rent, and condos for rent that you can find on Housal. Also, when you are trying to sell your property, you can list your house for sale or condo for sale with us. 

In smaller spaces, you need to be more selective in what you choose to display if your aim is to make the area feel bigger. Choose a few things you like to put in the room rather than your favorite collection. Once you have arranged these items in the room, subtract one or two until you find the perfect balance between visual interest and restriction.


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